Tiny Lines #68

These walls are dark, Let me out! These pain is unbearable, Just stop please! These voices are disturbing, Do not scream! These emotions aren’t mine, Do something! Just like always, I continue to cry.. Just like always, I fail to hear.. Just like always, I ignore.. Just like always, I suppress myself.. Just like always, … More Tiny Lines #68

Tiny Lines #66

Memories are treasures; It lives within you, Around you.. Even in the ruins, Or can be found, In the new things as well.. Memories are treasures; Treasure them, Before they disappear.. Deep under the sea of life!

Tiny Lines #64

Sometimes I just wish To be left alone.. Sometimes I just wish, Nobody leaves me alone.. Sometimes I just wish, To be somebody else.. Sometimes I just wish Nobody finds me, Sometimes I just wish To be happy, Sometimes I just wish I am, me.