The Precious Ones

These are the little excerpts from my diary. Some events, some things, some people and some memories leave a huge imprint on your lives. So much so that you would even remember the exact date, exact place and the exact emotions that ran inside you!!   To, Moti, Pinky & Ruby – My Monsters, cutipies and my … More The Precious Ones


This one is my Favorite! I don’t know what made me write this, was it the evening chai i was sipping leisurely in my garden, or was it the early morning sun rays, no idea! but it shall always remain my favorite. I have used Hindi (written using english alphabets lol!) sentences at many places to give Desi Touch. So you have been … More Chai

About Me

To tell something about one’s self, is kind of embarrassing isn’t it? No? Well, to me it is. Neverthless, i am here to share my world of writing, so i guess i have to introduce myself anyway. Named as ‘Narmada’, goes by nickname ‘Nams’ I am currently pursuing my Engineering Degree (6 months later, i … More About Me

The First GoodBye…

I first wondered, whether to add this to “stories’ section or ‘article’ section. Well, i ended up writing it under the article section itself. Its a true incident, and this marks the first post (‘About’ doesn’t count as a post, does it?) THE FIRST GOODBYE..   13.10.2013 It was a good day, had been to … More The First GoodBye…