About Me

To tell something about one’s self, is kind of embarrassing isn’t it? No? Well, to me it is.

Neverthless, i am here to share my world of writing, so i guess i have to introduce myself anyway.

Named as ‘Narmada’, goes by nickname ‘Nams’

I am currently pursuing my Engineering Degree (6 months later, i can tell you all, i have completed engineering!)

Writing has been my passion for a long time now, finally found a place to give words to all my dreams & imaginations. I wish, this journey shall continue for a long long time..

I update my stories in Wattpad.com, i will share the links here for each of my stories!

Check under Categories section to find what you want! I Mostly write stories on Romance/Friendship/Drama, I can even write poems on above categories as well. Whenever i write articles, i have to give my brains extra work, so you wont find them in abundant here, but i did write few though!

Quotes & Thoughts shall be my cup of tea! I am very emotional person, so always find myself over-thinking silliest of silly things in my life.

Apart from these, I love to Read; Books are my favorite pass timeΒ (I do time-pass most of the time!)Β and i love pets, i am proud owner of three dogsΒ (They have become part of my family!). Crafts & Stitching also holds my interests!

So that’s all about me i guess.


nams! πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. good to see an emerging writer here, u have awesome talent of imagination , go ahead and make this world a better place by your writing πŸ™‚ as “pen can act as a weapon” best of luck and go ahead


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