This one is my Favorite! I don’t know what made me write this, was it the evening chai i was sipping leisurely in my garden, or was it the early morning sun rays, no idea! but it shall always remain my favorite.

I have used Hindi (written using english alphabets lol!) sentences at many places to give Desi Touch. So you have been warned!


It was yet another day. Another hope. Another smile. And the cycle goes on.. But  its only a mystery what everyday brings in. As the sun made its way proudly towards the east, the drowsy city finally seemed to awaken. Rainy season has always have had this disadvantage, one cannot clearly see the rising sun, but this year seemed different. Like always, people cry if its rains less and people still cry if it rains more. The situation seemed to go in balance since the beginning of monsoon. Sometimes rains seemed like it would never stop pouring and sometimes rains were so scarce that the heat from sun burned everything down!


It was a clear day. Ironically life wasn’t as clear as the rising sun for NainaStanding in half sleepy state at her balcony she stared down at the apartment garden, people had already started their daily routines, and here she was just woke up from lazy sleep. With a sigh, she tied her hair up in an lazy bun. It was only matter of time before the last night events came back to her mind like a storm. She continued to stare at the rising sun amidst the dark clouds that started camouflaging the sky.

Relationships bhi kitne ajeeb hote hena, kabhi itni expectations toh kabhi itni demands, aur fir kabhi kuch bhi nahi sirf comfort. Kabhi Kabhi toh itni khushiya jaise maano duniya mein koi bhi tension nahi! Zaruri nahi relationships sirf lovers ke beech honi chahiye, friends ke beech, sisters ke beech, cousins ke beech, bhai-behen ke beech bhi toh hoti hai. Wahan pe bhi yahi haal. Kya puri zindagi rishte nibhane mein jaati hai ya rishte banane mein, ya fir rishton se dur baagne mein?


The door bell brought Naina back from her thoughts, “Dhood-wala hoga..

Picking up two packets of milk from her door-step she shut the main door and walked towards the kitchen. For some reason she felt the house echoed more silence than ever. Well, it would be another irony of life that she had always stayed alone in the same house that now mocked at her by its emptiness.


“An empty mind is devil’s workshop!” she chided herself as she started brushing her teeth. Her reflection wasn’t something she would be proud off. Messy hair, bags under her eyes, slight wrinkles around her face and a very baggy t-shirt. Why would any man love her? No, lets rephrase, why would any man continue to love her? Her forehead ceased into thin lines, yet again as she gauged herself trying to reflect her actions from last night.


“You know what forget it!! I guess, this whole setting is just wrong, may be we are not meant for each other!” the words came out of her mouth like a bullet.

“For once, you are right! Lets call off the engagement!” He too wasn’t in his best and for what seemed like ages they continued to avoid glances.

“Arrange marriages! My foot.” Sanyukta murmured under her breath as she walked towards the kitchen. He followed her shortly after.

“So enagagement off?” he asked her drumming his fingers on the counter.

“erm.. Guess so..” came her reply in the most awkwardly-confident-yet-confused way. Reading girls mind or judging their tone wasn’t his best asset; he for sure missed the glimpse of slightly dull eyes and stooped shoulders which otherwise seemed excited at his presence.

“Fine then.. I will let our mothers know. You don’t worry..”

He was still waiting for her to say something, but he only got a nod in return. Biting his lips he bid his bye.


“Gosh Sanyukta get over with it!” Saying to herself she once again found herself standing in balcony and staring at space. She saw so many people jogging around, chatting with each other, exercising and few kids were all set to go their school. It was usual scenario at apartment park. As the clock struck 8 her lips squirmed. The familiar smell of tea-boiling hit her nose. In India, it was the most common and the most predictable habit- Early morning and Late evening Chai-Addiction.


She knew her neighbor Aunty may be preparing chai-naashta for their family. How she missed her mother. But then the thought of her neighbor sent shivers down her spine. How could she forget he too was her neighbor! After last night event, it would be very difficult to avoid him, especially the said someone is her next door neighbor and the said someone was her best-friend!


As his thought swept over her mind, he emerged from the park jogging his way towards the gates of their apartment. Naina suddenly became self conscious and turned around. She truly couldn’t ignore her erratically beating heart and her sweating fingers. No, that wasn’t because she had caught a glimpse of his slightly exposed chest from such a distance! No way, not because of him! It was, it was a mere fluctuation in the order of her body because she hadn’t had her morning tea yet. yep it was just her call. After all she was addicted to chai. All Indians are. Nothing else. Nope. Nada!


Yeh dil bhi kitni ajeeb hoti hena. Kabhi usko dek ke aisa tam jaati hai jaise aakri sans le rha ho, toh kabhi usi ko deke-bina aisa tam jata hai jaise uske bina sans hi nahi le sakta! Dimaag bhi kuch kam nahi hai. Kabhi kehta hai dil jo bole wahi karo, toh kabhi dil ko daant leta hai jaise dil kabhi sahi hi nahi ho sakta. Toh insaan kare toh kya kare? Yeh pyaar itni mushkil mein kyu daal deti hai? Sahi ya galat ka samaj toh pehle se hi nahi aati, hmph! Pyaar kar bait tha hai fir apne aap se puchta hai “kya sach mein pyaar hai?”

Kabhi confusion, toh kabhi tension, kabhi worries toh kabhi impatience!

Nahi, sirf itna hi nahi.. kabhi khushi bhi hoti hai, toh kabhi pagal panti, kabhi laaj ati hai toh kabhi besharmi karne ka man hota hai. Har ek negative point ko balance karne ke liye ek positive point. Par pyaar itni weird kyu hoti hai?


“Pyaar? No way! I don’t love him. It was just an arrange marriage proposal! We tried to build this relationship and we failed! That’s all. No regrets!” Naina once again continued to speak to herself as the tea started boiling.


Keeping some biscuits on her tray she took her tea to the balcony. Sitting down comfortably on her chair she started sipping her tea.


Reality of life. Ya desi life style kaho. Yahan pe jitne bhi tension ho, jitney bhi problems ya fir jitne bhi worries, chai ke saath dimaag humesha tanda ho jata hai. Agar tanda nahi hua toh itna garam ho jata ki chai ke alava aur koi thoughts dimag ke aas paas bhi nahi guzar tha! Haan life style ajeeb hai, par yeh acchi bhi hai. Log kuch waqt ke liye duniya bul jate hai, ya fir apne problems chodke duniya ki kabar padne jaate. Chai and newspaper ek aam zindagi ki aam routine. Kitna simple hai! Kaash relationships bhi itna hi simple ho.


Jagad the toh hum dono humesha se hai, par aise kyu lag raha hai ki yeh aakri jagada nahi tha?


“Don’t you know me so well?” a male voice grazed her ears. He plopped down on the seat next to hers.


Arrange marriage toh naam ki thi. Dost ya fir dost-wale-dushman toh hum dono humesha se the. Toh pyaar hua hai?


Naina stared at another tea cup that was lying on the tray. She smiled at herself. Did she assume that he would come to her? Did she assume he would come to her house just like old times and have their daily morning tea. Did she? Even after their fight yesterday?


“So, how is your morning going on sweet-heart?” he asked as he sipped his chai.

Naina choked on her tea. “Sweet-heart? Like really Rajat?

“Yeah why not? Aadat abhi se daalna acchi baat hena?” he winked.

Naina couldn’t help but wonder, So engagement on hai ya off?

But he didn’t answer her unasked question. He went on ranting on how smart he was, how he dodged Mrs.Gupta’s snobby dog, how Dimple tried to flirt with him and how-

Naina caught on to two words out of his rant, “Dimple” & “flirt”

“You flirted with dimple?” she asked him incredulously. No, she accused him ferociously. Rajat looked up to meet her eyes burning with what seemed- wait, jealousy?

Hmm.. wo kar rhi thi mujse.. thoda meine bhi kar li..

Naina glared at him munching her biscuits, “That’s very nice of you Rajat.May be I should talk to Dimple’s parents about it.” Her eyes narrowed at him daring him to say further.

“Ofcourse! Why not, please yaar humari setting kar wa dena..”

Naina couldn’t decipher the inner meaning that was hiding behind his delightful face. “No. I was wondering mein uski Boyfriend ko pehle bata du.. whats say?”

Rajat burst out laughing. He for sure knew Dimple was single and he knew very well Naina had no clue who the nonexistent “boyfriend” would be which she had just built on her own. As he sipped the last of his chai, he got up. He was still in his jogging suit and his t-shirt still exposed the little of his chiseled chest which by now Naina had a clear view of, so why was her heart beating erratically and her hands sweating? It wasn’t surely because of chai. It was because of certain someone who had just finished his chai and was now stretching lazily infront of her having no idea whatsoever about how her insides were jumping.

“ahaan! I just love your chai yaar. You are gonna serve me this awesome-wali chai forever! Remember. Mein kisi aur ke haat ka chai kabhi nahi pee sakta.” He said gleefully staring right into her eyes. Like always, her heart skipped a beat.

So engagement on hai ya off?


Rajat made his way out while Naina sat there wondering about “Calling off the engagement”

For some reason she hadn’t caught his innuendo behind his compliment of her chai-skills. Just then he called back before walking out of the door,


“Don’t forget, Aaj mom tumein engagement ki shopping pe le jana chahthi hai! Be ready Darling

Naina choked again for what seemed like second time that day. Smiling merrily she walked towards the kitchen with empty tea-cups.

So engagement on hai! Yay!

 “And Dimple ki koi boyfriend nahi hai.. par tumara ek handsome sa fiance zarur hai” with a wink he dashed out of her house running into his own. doesn’t he know her well? perhaps he hadn’t missed the dull eyes or her shoulders that was stooped low last night which otherwise-like today for example seemed all excited! 

Relationships chai ke jaise simple nahi, na hi complicated. Its like a cup of tea. A cup full of reality. Kuch log garam peena pasand karte hai toh kuch log tanda pasand karte. Preferences kabhi kabhi taste ko badal sakti hai par, aakir mein chai toh chai hi hena. A kind of routine, A kind of Addiction, A kind of satisfaction.. all this when its blended and boiled perfectly. Agar teek se blend nahi kia toh, complications aajate hai, jaise bahut strong tea peeka pad sakta hai, ya bahut light tea kabhi kabhi chai se zyada doodh ban jata hai. It should all be balanced. Relationships aise hi hote, use acchi tarah se blend karna zaruri hai, tab hi taste se sukoon, chain aur khushi milthi hai.


Life mein, relationships ko nibhana padtha hai, unhe araam se sambalna bhi padtha hai aur nazuk se unki kadar bhi karna padtha hai. Hum jitna dur baagthe , relationships ki dor bhi utni dur kichthi hai. Koi bhi daaga zyada keechne se toot jata hai!

Some relationships never change! They are like tom & jerry, they fight, they are each other’s wits but at the end of the day they can’t live without each other. They are meant for each other!  


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