The Precious Ones

These are the little excerpts from my diary. Some events, some things, some people and some memories leave a huge imprint on your lives. So much so that you would even remember the exact date, exact place and the exact emotions that ran inside you!!  

To, Moti, Pinky & Ruby – My Monsters, cutipies and my babies – Love you a lot!


The Precious Ones

June 8, 2014


It was just another lazy Sunday. Atleast to me, but my mom believed otherwise. She thought, Sundays meant work, Sundays meant make her daughter do house-work! As much as I hate to admit it to my mother, I am one hell of a lazy bug! So just like always, when I was told to sweep the dirty leaves in backyard, I hissed, I huffed and puffed. Mom cared less to my antics and gave me a piece of her mind. Ever heard of emotional blackmail? Guilty trip? Yeah something like that. Muttering inaudible ramblings under my breath I took the broom-stick and marched towards my back yard.

Everything seemed pleasant for a rainy season. Sun was sending scorching heat, clouds were nowhere in vicinity, it looked like a summer morning for all I care. Lazily I started cleaning of the leaves that was shredded by the trees in my backyard. The ground finally seemed to see the light as I swept a bunch of sticky-brown-leaves. As i continued to huff and puff of making me work on a Sunday morning, My two dogs suddenly appeared out of no-where and started playing upon the heap of leaves I had just swept away. Gritting my teeth I decided to shoo them away, but the little monsters continued to tempt me as if challenging me, daring me to shoo them away. I did the best use of loud-shrill voice, it worked only for few seconds and they were out my sight. Before I started sweeping again, they were back! The nerve of those dogs!


Before I could give them piece of my mind, I heard a faint cry. It wasn’t from the little monsters I was glaring at. It came from far; across the highway, infront of my house gates. I walked towards my house gate and scrutinized the surroundings. The cry subdued and I could see nothing but a house on the other side of the road and few bushes and trees here and there. I decided to get back to my work, just then I heard the cry again. I turned swiftly to the little voice I was hearing.

What I found made my heart melt. I saw a little puppy, who probably couldn’t see or hear properly was lost in the bushes on the other side of the road. It tried walking towards the road, my heart leaped to my throat hoping it didn’t get hurt. The loud honk from the car that swiftly passed away made the puppy turn around and run inside the bushes. Undoubtedly it was lost, it couldn’t see clearly either. As on cue both my dogs started barking at the little intruder very far away from their home!

I called out my mom instantly telling her about the little puppy. Mom asked me where it was. I showed her the place near bushes, from where a tiny little head was peeping outside. It came out of bushes and this time it tried to enter the garden of the house opposite to my own. Before I knew it, my dad was on his way to get the lost puppy. It took him few minutes to run behind the little one and finally he had his hands on it! I cheered enthusiastically, as my dad brought the baby home.  I instantly held it against my chest, cradling the puppy as if it my possession. Mom brought a cup full of milk and asked me to put the little angel down so that it can drink its milk.

I gently placed it down and let it have its milk. Both my dogs watched the little intruder like hawk from inside the house. It was sure, my dogs would shred the little baby into pieces if they were anywhere near. Mom told me it was a girl.

I asked her can we keep it? The little one looked so cute, lost and so quite that I didn’t have a heart to leave it. Mom told me it would be a risk having the female dog at home. Either the street dogs might end up coming inside our house or it might start producing too many babies. I pouted and begged her.

We owned two dogs; A male and a female. The female dog has a broken leg or fractured abdomen as you can put it, because of the minor accident it had before we brought it home. Yes, we found it on streets dying in one of bushes on the road. We got it treated and decided to look after it. Today, it walks fine but we can still see the traces of limping leg. Nevertheless, we did have problems at early days, many of street dogs decided to grace its presence to our house and we had successfully dodged each one of them. 3 years later, no problems, no street dogs, nothing! It was all well and good. That’s said, I don’t see why keeping this little angel would be a problem. I begged my mom with my best pouting look.

The puppy was so damn cute and lovely that neither of my parents had any qualms after my endless begging. She agreed. And I welcomed a beautiful, cute and lovely angel to our house. Mom told me the puppy might be around a month or two old.

She was so silent, I started thinking whether she would get comfortable to our house at all? It took us a week to make our dogs adjust with the new member. To our surprise both our dogs turned very protective of the new member.

I wonder why would anyone throw a little puppy on the streets to die? Mom told me mainly because it was a girl.

I ask why?

So what if it’s a girl?

Its really not a surprise as people think the same when it comes to girl child too. Why all this problems & unhappiness just because “It’s a girl!?”

Girls too have a heart, mind and soul. Animals or human beings, they too are a living beings! Discriminating because it’s a girl child, a girl puppy, doesn’t seem right to me at all! I have myself witnessed my own relative praying to god for a son, because she has given birth to two daughters and she can’t afford for the third one! Disgusting.

Anyway, today I am proud owner of 3 dogs. Two female and one male, yes!

I named the new member, as Ruby, she is so precious to me and my family. But my earlier assumptions of her being ‘silent’ ‘quite’ was terribly, completely wrong! She is a bunch of mischief and naughtiness! Today 5 months later, she has become an integral part of the family.

She still doesn’t understand most of our language, mom says she is not that ‘intelligent’ as other dogs, may be because its not a good breed. But she is sure as hell knows how to make my mom run around the house with a bat in hand! She plays hide and seek and she gives my mom a tough time. My mom once told, bringing me up didn’t tire her as much as bringing this little monster is! Ha! Take that!

Ruby wakes me up early morning, and she plays, fights with my other dogs too. Seeing her happy, mischievous, buoyant makes my heart swell.

What if I hadn’t seen her that day? Where would she have been if we didn’t bring her home?

Mom always says, In our house, Its not dogs who are taking care of us, rather its other way round. I feel proud about it. We don’t keep pets so that it warns us about intruders, or it catches rats, not even because it’s a piece of entertainment! Its because we love to welcome new members to our family. Its because they are our family. I don’t feel ashamed to say that at all!

This is my happy family, my babies, my cuties :*



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