We all wish for many things in life. But dying soul can only have a hope. Hope It was rainy season again. And it was also the end of the month. As I stared out of the window, the rain drops fell upon the window pane, leaving a trail behind as it descended down. I still … More Hope

Let go

you can’t let go of your love until you decide to. you can’t forget until you forgive. Likewise, Letting go of love that defines you, needs time.

If it’s meant to be, it will find its way! … More Let go

Start Again

Break ups and hardships are the part of one’s life. you don’t need to overcome it, you don’t need to cry that its over, you don’t need to worry why it happened. because life throws you chances, you just have to grab it. you can always start again. It’s Never Too Late! Start Again Her … More Start Again

Gold Digger

I want is comfort. What I want is freedom, For I have led a life full of restriction all my life. I had never been a rebel to my parents, I have always bound to restrictions that had put to me. May be that’s why falling in love seemed so exciting. … More Gold Digger