Gold Digger

For the first time i have written a story in a different perspective. May be trying to understand why would a girl choose her rich fiance over her ex-lover?

Gold-Digger : (Noun Informal) Women who form relationships with men purely to obtain money or gifts.

Gold digger

Life, It’s such a strange thing at times. Few months earlier I was happily in love, today? I didn’t know what I call myself anymore. My feet sank deeply into the wet sand as I made my way towards the far end. Sitting upon an old boat under a coconut tree was a boy’s figure I vaguely remember. Few weeks earlier, I was at the same beach with the same boy, holding hands and whispering sweet nothings to each other’s ears. But today I knew, there won’t be anything sweet about what I was going to say.

“You can’t do this to me! We love each other..” he squeezed my shoulders until it hurt me, but I didn’t say anything. “God! What is this all about? Is it because of your parents? Are they forcing you? Tell me!” he demanded. I shook my head.

“They won’t do anything that doesn’t hold my consent.” I replied moving out of his hold.

Frustrated he let out a loud scream, “Then why?” He asked; his voice hoarse.

Without a word, I climbed the huge rock at the beach and sat at the edge staring deeply at the ocean. The waves splashed to the small rocks spread over the beach. The water below the rock I was now sitting, it was intimidating, captivating. I wanted to know how it felt to drown in the water, at the same time I was scared I would die. Death scares people isn’t it?

He followed me shortly after not knowing the storm that was running inside my head.

I let out a deep sigh, “I have always seen poverty in my life. I don’t wish to see that rest of my life”

My words stung deep into his heart. He had never regretted the decision of being an Artist, today he did.

“I am just a Painter, but you have landed yourself a millionaire fiancé! It all comes down to money isn’t it?” He was rude to me and he knew it, but it made him feel better.

His words sliced through my heart, but I ignored the pain. Speaking of fiancé, it would be irony to say that in 4 years of my relationship, not even once I had imagined him to be my husband. Yes, it was true. Every time I thought of marriage, surprisingly I couldn’t imagine being his wife. I had stopped bothering about it long time ago to maintain the peace in our relationship. Now when she thought about it, maybe I could have seen the signs fate was throwing at me. Atleast it would have spared him from the pain, hurt and break-up.

“I don’t know what to say anymore. I have always wanted the one to be able to afford those designer wear dresses that each shop flaunted in their displays, I didn’t want to count my money before buying my lunch, I didn’t want look at the price tag twice before purchasing a hand bag, I didn’t want think twice before deciding to go on a trip with friends, I have been doing these all my life, and I am tired of it!”

He scowled, one of those scowls that clearly stated I was disgusting.

“I can’t believe you are marrying that man for money while dumping your love” he said incredulously.

“I don’t love you anymore..” I simply stated before getting up, clutching my worn out hand bag tightly, “It’s a good bye” I said and walked away without second glance.

I knew he was hurt. I knew he would hate me for rest of my life. I don’t even know whether I would love myself anymore. But something about this marriage gave me a positive feeling. Money was just a bonus point. I didn’t have to tell him that.

I hadn’t missed word he said out loud as I had left “Gold Digger”

Was I a gold digger? Was I marrying a man just for his money?

I want is comfort. What I want is freedom, For I have led a life full of restriction all my life. I had never been a rebel to my parents, I have always bound to restrictions that had put to me. May be that’s why falling in love seemed so exciting. It was the first rebellious thing I had ever done. May be I didn’t want to be tied to rules anymore. But when my mom clearly stated for arrange marriage, I once again rebelled. I even thought of running away.

Then realization stuck. Reality stuck. When I had introduced to this rich man, I found myself fascinated; Fascinated at his down to earth talks. He was simple, practical and very romantic. A complete opposite to person I had fallen in love with, while my ex-lover was possessive, reserved and very less romantic.

I wasn’t even in love with my fiancé yet, but I knew he would keep me happy. He had the will to make me happy not because I was going to be his wife, simply because I deserved it. That had caught me.

“A gold digger may be I am. But is it wrong to for once decide something that could benefit my comfort, dreams and wishes?”



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