Start Again

Break ups and hardships are the part of one’s life. you don’t need to overcome it, you don’t need to cry that its over, you don’t need to worry why it happened. because life throws you chances, you just have to grab it. you can always start again. It’s Never Too Late!

STart again
Start Again

Her tears went unrecognized as the rain grazed her face. She didn’t have an umbrella. Not that she cared anyway. It was the day, she wanted to be vulnerable. It was the day she want to let go of her defenses. It was the day she didn’t want to go buy rules. Whether she wanted to regret, cry and curse, she had liberty to do it, atleast today.

She walked to the nearby bus-stand hastily. She sniffed and cried, there was no one to see her pain. She bit her lip to stop herself from screaming. Her mobile buzzed and she lazily pulled her mobile phone.

*Your appointment is confirmed. You will soon receive your job letter. Please follow the instruction. Best of luck and we are glad to welcome you to our office*


An email from the company she had applied for the job popped in, with an attachment of the joining letter. A trace of smile smothered her lips. May be it wasn’t the end afterall.

“I am sorry it’s over.. Just Forget me and move on will you? And don’t try to contact me again please. It’s a request! Lets stay out of each other’s life, shall we?”


It was an old message. Not very old, just a week old actually! He had messaged her few days ago. His number was still saved in her mobile and so was the message in her inbox.

She had never regretted anything in her life. Not even running away from her house to pursue her passion in fashion designing. She and Him, had come to this dream city together. They had started off with their desired careers. She was successful alright, but his struggles didn’t pay off well. He always swayed between success and failure.

Today she regretted running away, she regretted falling in love, and she regretted everything!

She wiped her hot tears that erupted from her dark black eyes. She was so used to having him around that suddenly everything seemed empty. She even considered going back home, marry a orthodox man whom her family might choose and live the rest of her life feeding the babies!

But she knew better, she knew better than to sulk. Right?

She stared at the huge hoardings that held his photo. It was the promotional picture of his upcoming movie. He had left her to find his root in the world called Stardom.

Running away wouldn’t make her life easy. She knew it. But this running away will give her everything she wants! Going abroad always has its bonus. Working for popular brand would tell her every day that She deserves better, way better than an idiot who doesn’t value love.

She quickly let her mother know about her whereabouts and walked away.

This time she knew, its not going to be end. It wasn’t an end at all. It was the beginning, a new beginning. She can start again. And she will.


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