Hold my hand

If you are sad, Hold my hand. If you want to cry, Hug me tight. If you want to be happy Fill my life If you want me, Just kiss me love

I miss you

It’s been a day since i last saw you And i know i won’t see you for months. You know, i miss you and i need you. But I know, the country needs you more, You are the soldier, the protector Am your wife, your lover forever.

For a long time

She walked alone for a long time Having a companion seemed too surreal. She lived alone and independent for a long time Sharing a house and bed with him seemed very strange. She ate alone every dinner for many years Waiting for each other every night was eccentric. She was ‘single not ready to mingle’ lady … More For a long time


As I stood there unmoved by his confession, I could see the future, where he may never come. Do I need it? When he started walking away with his shoulders stooped low, I knew, the cool guy I fell in love with was hiding somewhere deep within him. I couldn’t call him. My voice seemed … More Choice

Day 1 : Blue Eyes

Hi guys! I am up for a challenge inspired from other bloggers. “A STORY A DAY” I would be writing one story a day, not more than 1000 words for 10 days! Yes, that’s right. With no further delay, Here is today’s story. And i really hope i complete this challenge successfully! 🙂 Day 1 … More Day 1 : Blue Eyes