Life – A Blank Canvas

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Very few people are content in their life. Very few people live the life they have always dreamt of. Very few people have never dying inspiration to chase their dreams. And the rest of the people are confused souls, the souls that keep wandering, the souls who are thirsty even though they have a glass of water in their hands.

For the people who see the life in a simple way, are the ones who are clear of what to choose in their life; whether its good or bad, right or wrong doesn’t matter as long as they know what they have to do next. But for those who can hardly take a decision and stick to that decision, life is complicated.

Life is like a blank canvas. We are the artist, our decisions are the colours, the people we meet, the things we do are the brushes. Its very necessary to have a perfect blend of colors and the right brush to make a perfect stroke. Its in our hands to bring out the best picture or a picture that can atleast be warm to the eyes. When the canvas is full of strokes and there is hardly any place for another one, the artist knows it’s the time to change; the time to start a new painting.

That’s where the problem lies! If the artist surpasses the challenge and finishes the painting off, however the painting may turn out to be, its still a better situation! Than staring at a blank canvas and not knowing what to do next!

That’s confusion.

An artist who has the brushes, the colors and the canvas that’s ready right infront of his eyes, and he doesn’t know how to start the first stroke! He doesn’t know, which brush to choose, which color would make the first mark and how exactly should he shape the painting. He may have experience working in previous paintings, but there might come a time where is he clueless. Not because he doesn’t know to paint anymore, but because he faces the fear! The fear of making everything right. The fear to make sure his painting doesn’t turn out the disaster.

Was it because he made a ugly painting previously? Was it because people didn’t appreciate his art? Is it because he is not satisfied of his previous out come?

This fear is the confusion. The phase of life, when every choice, every options becomes the reason of doubt and you assume that there is no way out.

There is never a “No way”.

There is always a “Way out”.

Unless you start, you can never reach the end.

Friends, today I am at that phase. The phase, were I don’t know what to do next. The phase, were every option before me turns into a doubt. The phase, were I am too afraid to start off.

But I know, unless I start, unless I decide, I can’t achieve anything! And With this post, I am back to blogging.

I am hoping, that I will find my inspiration again.


8 thoughts on “Life – A Blank Canvas

    1. Hi, yes i am waiting for that to happen. But even before i think about the future, my present has started to test my limits. Seems like never ending process!
      Let’s have faith, if not god, then atleast to the force that might help us succeed! 🙂
      Cheers and All the best! 🙂


    1. I am still at the same phase. Good thing is that i am back to writing, its better this way. May be past 4 years was too stressful that i am actually enjoying the lazy days!
      Anyway, nice to meet you.
      -Nams 🙂

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