Seeing You


The sound of the alarm didn’t wake him up today, because he was tired. His college project had taken a toll on him and he was working very hard to finish off the project that could fetch him 50% of total marks. He wasn’t that fond of studies, neither he was obsessed with ranks. He was just curious about many things and the project was one of them.

His beautiful dream was all about the girl whom he had been secretly crushing on for past two years. He never wanted to miss a chance seeing her face, be it his dream or when she walks on the lane infront of his house. He never missed a chance!

But today he would. Perhaps, the first time ever! He would certainly miss the chance of seeing her walk down the lane clutching her long book tightly to her chest, her earrings bouncing merrily and her bangles that would dazzle as she slowly made her way to the bus-stand. He would miss all of it; because, he didn’t want to get up from his sweet slumber. His dream, which was all about her innocent laughter and her confession of reciprocating similar feelings towards him!

Finally when the alarm snoozed of, he realized the difference between the reality and the dream he was living. Her jerked up from his dream as though his house was on fire! Stumbling over the mess in his room he reached the window, holding onto the grill as if his life depended on it, he waited. Hoping against the odds, that she hadn’t left! He really wished to see a glimpse of her, even if it was her back, her veil, her books, Any freaking thing that belonged to her.

He sighed a deep regret when clock stuck 7am. It was way past the time she often showed up. She would usually walk in that lane around 6am. He was an hour late. With the saddened face and guitar in his hand he sat in his balcony, humming the tune of random Bollywood song.

Stalking was injurious to health. It was acknowledged as cheap behavior and sometimes stalking crossed the line and was tagged as “Creepy” “despo” and what not! But he would never be bothered with such bull shit. He never tried to search her on facebook (well he didn’t know her name to begin with!), he didn’t follow her, ever! ( he was always afraid to be caught). He never spoke to her! (does dreams count?).

But he had seen her. Not just infront of his house, but in his school. He had seen her so often! In canteen, during assembly and also when she appeared for the dance performance during the fest. He for sure knew she was his junior. That’s all information he got. He didn’t know how many years she was younger to him, her batch, her name, her class, not even where her house was! Even though, she usually took the route infront his house to go the bus-stand.

During the early days of his college, on a Saturday morning when he decided to bunk the classes, he saw her. After almost an year, he had seen her again. First, he couldn’t believe his eyes; second, he thought she was a different girl, not the one whom he had a crush on; on the third day he knew it was her! It all started since then. For 2 years, without fail, he had seen her! Nope, he didn’t even miss a glimpse of her, not when he was down with fever, not even when he had a minor accident and fractured his leg and certainly not when his whole family visited his married sister, he chose to stay at home!

Was this craziness? He didn’t know. He was now 19, a teenager. He had every right to do mistakes. Today, the heart of that teenager had shrunk. He felt it was bad omen. What if he never saw her again? It was then he realized how stupid he had been. It was then he heard the words “Be a Man! Go get her!” ring in his ears. His friends had closed the chapter of giving him some “gyaan”, some heartfelt advises to make him talk to her. It was all in vain when he made them swore never to take the topic again.

Today, he felt like a coward. What the hell had he done?

Wasted a precious two years for his obsession? Didn’t he know to talk? Couldn’t he create a situation where in she would see him? Couldn’t he make such situation occur again and again until she acknowledged him? Couldn’t he just go to her and say HI? He could easily start a conversation for she had been to the same school as him! Why the hell was a such a dumbass?

With a final determination that he will, at any cost talk to her the next day, he got up. The regret of not seeing was still evident in his face. His back facing the road, he decided to get fresh and start a day with new hope.

Unknown to him, pair of eyes was constantly searching his window. His window looked so empty. Just as the eyes decided to drop all the hopes, he appeared by his window to hang his guitar.

That’s when their eyes met. After two years of hide and seek. They had finally seen each other. She kept staring at him until her mobile buzzed. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, he was too stunned to move. She bit her lips, slapping at her forehead, she realized she was late. Too late to college! But that didn’t matter anymore. She had seen her prince charming. With a slight giggle and bright smile she looked at him again. Her smile turned brighter and she started walking down the lane.

On the way, she downloaded the song he was humming a while ago. With a blush on her face she skipped happily and reached the bus-stand. who cares if she missed her first class?

“No more hide and seek! I will talk to him tomorrow!” she decided. He had been her crush for too long now. Since the school days when she first saw him play his guitar and sing a song that melted every girl’s heart.

No one knows, whether they would make a perfect couple. No one knows whether they are made for each other. What they do know is, it’s time to find out.

Sometimes, you never know what the other person feels like. Don’t just stalk, start a talk. who knows, may be their eyes too is seeing you. 🙂


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