“Girls should be obedient!”


The sky was filled with colors tonight,

I stare at them long and hard..

Is my life too simple?

Or my life too complicated?

May be my life isn’t that important at all!

There were thousand questions,

But the answers were camouflaged,

They were hidden,

may be behind those clouds?

May be behind the moon..!

But i wasn’t crying.

I wasn’t smiling either.

They say, “girls should be obedient!”

Am i not a obedient daughter? I ask.

“Then marry the man i chose for you” said my mother.

He was nice. He was simple.

He had money and he had a car.

That was all my parents needed to know.

May be that was all that needs to be known?

Wedding was just a day away..

She was told she was being punished,

She assumed falling in love was a crime.

She was told she was a disgrace,

She assumed daughter was never equal to a son.

May be her life wasn’t important at all?

The moon quietly disappeared,

The sun rose bright and beautiful.

A girl dressed like a bride took her first step,

But everyone else were in white.

Because the girl would never open her eyes again..


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