Day 1 : Blue Eyes

Hi guys! I am up for a challenge inspired from other bloggers.


I would be writing one story a day, not more than 1000 words for 10 days! Yes, that’s right.

With no further delay, Here is today’s story. And i really hope i complete this challenge successfully! 🙂

3_Sad Girl_unknown

Day 1 : Blue eyes


“I can kill you!” She screamed, her blue eyes trembling with unknown force.

“Then kill me. If I don’t get to live with you, then this life is of no use!” He said with equal intensity in his voice. As he walked closer to her, she backed away with two steps. Her face was turning into scarlet red, it happened every time she feared. She never feared anything until she met him.

“Don’t do this. Don’t destroy us!” He begged.

“There is no ‘us’. And there shouldn’t be one either!”

“Are you forgetting the time we spent together? Are you forgetting everything?” He asked, she could feel desperation in his voice.

No, she can’t forget anything! For the years to come she will be lonely and she will think about him. But that’s her fate, why should he do that too? He can live a better life.

“I can give myself to you. I can die for you if it means to be with you forever!” he declared, down in his knees. He had been an orphan since he was a year old. He had been an introvert. He had no one to share his actual self. When he met her, his world changed. He was forced to bring out the real him. Her reluctance and her innocence captured every part of his cell. They lived life completely forgetting the difference between their lives. Love and life was forbidden to her. Love was his life now.

When tears filled his coal black eyes, she couldn’t hold back. She hugged him with her might. She lost control over herself just like every waking minute she spent with him; with him she had no self control. Sometimes she wondered, why him? Most of the times, she asked him why me?

There were no answers for such questions. She had to bare the pain of separation; she had to live the meaningless life with scarred heart. But she won’t let him do that. As she kissed him tasting and devouring his luscious lips she felt how weak he had become. All because of her! If only he hadn’t spent days searching for her, he could have been in sound health. Her plan was completely unsettled and disoriented. Before disappearing she should have made sure he never searched her. He knew too many things and he was way too smart and the next thing she knows, he had found her!

But she can’t stay. She can’t let him find her again.

He looked at her  blue eyes with all the love in the world. His love made her happy. His love made her love herself. His love made her meaningless life beautiful.

But, her love? Her love kept him away from his life. Her love made him anti-social. Her love could make him die.

“I love you” he said cupping her face. “I love you too” She smiled, shut her eyes close and held her breath. The world stopped. The time froze. Everything was still. Even the wind, the water; All stopped midway.

Holding her breath tightly she bit her lips. Tears crammed her eyes for the first time in decades. She touched his face studying all his features, memorizing every inch of his face, she placed her shivering fingers on his head. Within a split of second, she erased all her memories in his mind and scribbled her name in his soul. She kissed his frozen lips one last time before she disappeared into the thin air.

If he could sacrifice himself for her, she can do it too.

When he woke up the next day, he felt as if his life was incomplete. He felt as if there something he wasn’t remembering. He struggled to dig his brain, mind and heart for something he has forgotten. There was nothing! He stood infront of the mirror holding his head. Blue eyes stared back at him with a smile. He now had blue eyes. His eye color had changed overnight! How could it be possible?

Feeling extremely suffocated he opened the windows and let the strong breeze engulf him. The breeze brushed his face. He felt the sweet air lingering on his lips. And for the first time that day, he felt, complete. Even though there was a hole in his heart, he now had a name engraved in his soul. His life was back on track. Unknowing to him he had a soul-mate.

“There is no death for immortals. But, if your name is engraved on a mortal’s soul, then you shall take any form you want. You can be water, wind, flower, Anything! And you shall be by that mortal’s side forever and ever.” The lord of immortals had once told her.


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