love and dreams

As I stood there unmoved by his confession, I could see the future, where he may never come. Do I need it?

When he started walking away with his shoulders stooped low, I knew, the cool guy I fell in love with was hiding somewhere deep within him. I couldn’t call him. My voice seemed to go on a break. My mind didn’t send any signals for the movement of my limbs either. I was there, standing by the street next to my house and watching him as he walked away.

When he was finally out of sight tears streamed down my cheeks. “I can’t be with a girl who will be in a different continent for next 5 years. I think we should break up” he had said. The words still young in my ears. He was right, how good can a long-distance relationship be? He was right, I shouldn’t have loved him!

“I have always been the bad guy isn’t it? With loads of past girlfriends, and umemployed who is living off with his father’s money. I love my life. And now I am tired of you in it” he said before walking away. Should I question the love we shared? Or should I wonder whether it was all a lie?

When I looked down at my toes, there was a sudden burst of emotions in my heart. I was lucky. My feet loves music, my heart beats rhythm and my body moves to every beat. I was lucky. My crew was finally selected for the dance fest in a faraway country. I have asked myself a hundred times and even more. Whats best? A love of 3 years or the dream of 10 years. I still don’t know the answer.

When I started walking back to my house I imagined myself in the future. A future where my dance crew won the fest! It was a pride moment to all of us. We are finally the stars. But wait! I don’t have anyone to share my happiness with. I don’t have my love who gives me the most comforting hugs and cheers. I don’t have my best friend who guides me. I don’t have my mentor who helped me focus on my dance. It was at that moment I realized, how much of my life was him.

Now I know the answer. I know why he broke up with me! That was the only way to send me away. He can’t come with me and I may never go leaving him. How cheesy I wondered as I cried, all alone in my house. Today and the days to follow he won’t be there to lend his shoulder so that I can cry my heart out.

Why does it hurt so much?

I lived a happy life before him. I lived a happy life with him. Would it be difficult to live a happy life without him?

My mind screamed with answers- “YES” “NO”

My dream is the part of me. this chance is the blessing for my whole crew. Can I be selfish and lose the chance that every struggling dancer in the world might be dying to win?

My love is my life. The days I have spent with him, is the days that are beautiful. Can I be selfish and lose him so that I can fulfil the dreams of my crew and me?

It was an endless battle.

There was no answer to what is right and what is wrong. The answer lies within everyone. It’s called “choice”. A choice one has to make with a prize to pay. Like they say, you can’t gain anything without losing something.

Should I leave with a hope that he would wait for me?

Should I stay with a hope I can find an opportunity that could benefit both of us and my crew?

The choice I need to make isn’t the one that could bring me happiness, nor it’s the one that could bring light to those who trusted me. The choice I need to make is a promise. A promise to myself, to never regret what I chose or what I didn’t chose.

With a smile on my face I found myself walking in the same street where he disappeared from my sight. I have made my promise.


7 thoughts on “Choice

  1. Hey…you have a flair for writing stories…u shoud continue n try to see if u can make a career out of this rather trying to be ” an employed engineer by doing coding courses “… There is no dearth of inspiration on that front…but then it is your choice…:)…
    Keep writing n be happy…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THank you so much Lavanya. What i would like to say, i did think on that point. But before i think about myself i had to think about my mother who spent her entire life just so she could see me succesfull. Once i earn for myself enough to build my life, then i don’t have any restrictions, any promises or any undue responsibilities. I will look for a career in writing then 🙂 For now, its going to be me, my blog. This gives me platform to improvise so much that when i actually take up writing as my career i don’t have to be a struggling one! 🙂
      Thanks again for understanding my passion and i strongly believe my decisions won’t let me regret 🙂


      1. It’s ur choice..:)…try to get ur stories published in magazines…this way u can have a wider circulation.. N u will be a known name by the time u actually take up writing…u can also publish ur collection of short stories with pirates publishing house..they actually help budding n new writers…this u can do even while doing a job…have fun…n keep writing…:)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Lavanya!! That’s a very nice idea. I did think of it, but i didnt know how to approach it. Since i have sometime in hand, i will search and try to publish my articles. 🙂


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