Day 2 : Girl in the dark alley


I have chosen a writing prompt from reddit for this story. The prompt says :

You have lost all your memories. You wake up naked and cold in an alley.

So here’s the story! 😀

girl in alley

Day 2 : Girl in the alley

Her head was spinning and her limbs were numb. It felt so cold that she could freeze to death. Her eye lashes felt so heavy as she lifted them to inspect the surrounding. It was an alley. A dark cold Alley.

She felt goose-bumps all over her body and that’s when she realized; She was lying naked in a dark cold alley.  Her head started spinning even harder this time. She looked around and found no body in vicinity. The smell of sewage water and garbage blocked her nose as she rose to her feet trembling with cold. She has to cover herself! Frantically she started searching for anything that could cover her skin. There was nothing. The storm continued to play in her head as she wandered to and fro, What the hell happened?

Before she could stop the storm in her head and dig her brains for an answer or search the dark alley for anything to cover herself, she heard footsteps. Slowly a figure appeared from behind. She immediately ducked behind the garbage pin, popping her head out she stared at the intruder. He was wearing a large black coat and there were garbage bags in his hand.

He didn’t hide the amusement in his face when he saw her. “A girl in an alley or is it a hobo finding something to eat in garbage?” He asked. He didn’t notice she was naked.

She grunted and groaned. But she couldn’t deny the fact that he was the only one who could help her. “Um. Mr.Stranger could you lend me your jacket?” She asked in an utmost polite tone.

Dumping the garbage in the bin he looked at her confusedly “Why would I do such a thing in a cold night?”

She rolled her eyes, “I am running short of clothes and I seriously can’t hide behind the bin forever you know!” She replied curtly.

“Nope. Sorry Miss. I can’t. Its cold” He reasoned.

“I am begging you! Please don’t go. And help me here?” she asked again.

Sighing, he agreed and threw his coat at her. Wearing the jacket and covering herself desperately she came out of the hiding. That’s when he cast her a full look. She wasn’t as beautiful as those models he crushed on, but there was definitely an indescribable aura around her. Then he noted,

“You are Naked!”

She shook her head “I was.” she replied glaring at him. He gulped. “Listen Mr.Stranger you better not let your imagination run wild!” she said in an utter authoritative voice. He chuckled “I will try doing that!”

When he started walking towards his car she realized he was leaving her alone in the dark alley. “Wait Stranger!” she called.

He turned around and said  “Its Addy. And you can keep the coat”

“You can’t leave me here!” she said accusingly hiding the fear in her voice.

“Fine. I will drop you home. Your address?”

She scratched her head and then realized the biggest tragedy of her life. “I don’t know.” She had no memory of anything! Just great!

He turned skeptical and watched her closely. She tried to avoid his scrutinizing gaze. “Your name?” He asked testing her.

She shook her head “I don’t know”  tears welled up in her eyes. What the hell happened? How can one forget her own name? What the fuck?

For the next few minutes she tried hard not answer ‘I don’t know’ to his questions but as luck could have it, she had nothing. Her mind was blank. She had no clothes, no id card and no memory whatsoever! No freaking thing! He sighed and agreed to take her to his home. He gives shelter to animals; a beautiful young girl would be no burden. He chuckled as he drove to woods; His home.

As they sat in his car and drove away, a man in black suit, black goggles, black watch and black cell phone came out of hiding. He had a wicked grin on his face.

Dialing a number immediately he answered over the phone, “Sir! Mission accomplished.”

The man on the other hand replied “Good. You sure she won’t remember a thing? Never?”

“Sir. I trust the doctor. He has assured me she will never remember that she was once a spy!” The man in black beamed.

“Good. You can move on to eliminate the next  spy and can you please not make them naked this time?”

The man in black pouted and disconnected the call. He didn’t make her naked! He had just dumped her in alley with full clothes. It was a Homeless wreck of a lady who robbed the girl’s clothes, even the under-garments!

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