Day 3 : Bad Things Happen For A Reason


Day 3 : Bad Things Happen For a Reason

“To hell with everyone!” He mentally screamed before lying on ground. At a little distance was his tent; only his tent. All his plans, All his wishes was crushed to bits. Just two days ago, He was in cloud 9 for landing the biggest gig of his life. He was a star, he knew that. But he was going to be a rockstar; that made his insides flutter with pride.

Man proposes God disposes. Someone had once wisely said. So true! The world sucked! He mentally declared. In no time, he drifted off to sleep.

“Um.. Excuse me? Shouldn’t here be like a concert or something?”  A female voice disrupted his slumber.

Few blinks and deep breathes later, he saw a girl kneeled down to his level. She looked serene and simple. But one could easily tell, her heart swayed for music. He looked at her crossly when she repeated her earlier question. He sighed shaking his head. “There is no concert lady! Just go!”

She didn’t seem pleased by his words. Her face turned grim as she fished for the tickets, “See? I got tickets too! And I have come a long way. Please tell me, you were joking!”

He rolled his eyes getting up. His started picking up his scattered clothes and dumped them in his trekking backpack. “I am not kidding. It’s going to be dark soon. Just go home already.” He replied without seeing her.

“But.. why? I mean.. how? I.. why there is no concert?” She was almost to tears. This certainly made him angry.

“Because the Rockstar Danny couldn’t make it. And because of him all other performances were cancelled. Do you know? No one wants musician. They just want their idols. People are not ready to give the struggling stars a chance! They only want to see, what they want to see. And so my lady, the concert was cancelled yesterday. See around! Its empty! And please you too, just leave like everybody else”

His words hurt her. But that wasn’t her least bit of worries. She missed seeing her favourite star, that worried her.

“but, I came here to see Varun. Ah.. The singer who sings for a radio channel. Um.. he goes by the screen name as VD? He is my favourite star you know. I came all the way just to see him not that loser Danny. I just hate his raps!” She said sitting on the ground.

He couldn’t believe he heard right. Did she say, Varun?

“Wait.. did you say Varun?” He asked her just to confirm he wasn’t hearing things. She sniffed and looked at him. “Ofcourse yaar! Have you heard him sing? It’s melody! Who wants rock? I prefer melody!”

He gulped and sat next to her. May be he was seeing things to. “Can I just touch you?” he asked pointing his finger at her shoulder. She raised her eye brows “Um.. Okay..”

He touched her. She was real.

After a while, she had calmed down. But the sun had already disappeared. It was night and she had no train to her town at this hour. Well realization stuck her, way too late. “Oh no!! Its late. Now I can’t go back home until morning! And there is no concert too. What will I do?”

“Uh.. why don’t we create our own concert?” he asked.

What seemed a vague idea, turned into the best time of their life. He sang, Played guitar while she danced. They spoke about the childhood over beer and bon fire. They danced for a melodious number on their phone. The whole night was nothing short of a dream.

He was slightly immature and short tempered. She was innocent and had crazy ideas. They were match made in heaven, only if they knew what it meant!

“Its already morning.” She noticed sitting up. “Yeah.. it is..” He said.

“Last night was amazing!” She told him. “I think that’s why they say, Bad things happen for a reason.

He smiled. “If I get to spend every night like this, I don’t mind a bad life”

She blushed, he laughed.

“I have a train in sometime. I think I will leave now.” She got up pulling her bag to her shoulders. “I will drop you there” he said. All his belongings were packed too.

“No, it’s fine. I can manage.” She replied.

“Oh c’mon! I have to take the train to my place too. Let’s go.” He said. When they started walking they knew they would meet more often now.

“but.. wait..”


“What’s your name? God! I can’t believe I never asked your name the whole night!! I am Nancy”

He laughed. “Varun aka VD.

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