Tiny Tale #3

A new sunshine … More Tiny Tale #3


Random Click #10

That welcomed me today morning! Am so sorry for not being active, but woth new things in my tow, i cant find myself being very active here until i sort few things out.. Thats said i have NaNoWriMo to prepare also.. So hope am excused! I will back very soon with all what i have … More Random Click #10

Tiny Lines #8

It was just another day, just another day of no hope.. until i saw something.. no enlightenment, nothing big just a tiny wish grew inside me would my life be any different if i made a different choice? just like that i found a way, a way that was always there a way i was … More Tiny Lines #8

Word A Wednesday #2

Word A Wednesday Challenge #2 Today’s Word is : Obstreperous : (adj) Resisting Control or Restraint in a difficult manner; Unruly Books were her best friends. She was always under control! She was always perfect, in everything she did. Was today any different? No! She mentally chided herself. Drowning back into the thick History text … More Word A Wednesday #2