Day 4 : The Letter


“Hi Love,

I am sure, my body would reach you before this letter. That’s exactly why I am posting it through Army base office. So that you might find a bit soothing that, I have been thinking about you. And tonight I will only think about you. About us. About our baby. I know, you will bring her up bravely. I also know, that you will miss me. Miss me so much that you may want to die. You may want to cry all night. You may want to curse God for taking me with him. You may also want to kill yourself for the helplessness that you couldn’t save me.

But then, I also know, you are brave. Braver than me! That’s why I fell for you and you made me fall in love with you every day, every night, every minute.

I really don’t believe in life after birth or whatever the re-incarnation stuff you keep reading. But I promise, if there is any other life, I would still choose you. See? I can be cheesy and romantic too!

There is very less survival rate for tomorrow’s mission. Its almost suicidal. But country needs me. Be proud, I was one of them who saved million lives. This is a sacrifice I need to make for the country.

I don’t want to make you cry by reading this, but I am crying too. You need to know that if I ever had a choice of coming back home or saving this country, I would still choose serving the nation. And if I ever had a choice of not meeting you at all, I would never choose it! As much as it hurts both of us, we complete each other. Physical presence is just an illusion to justify love, what stays forever is, the overwhelmed heart with tons of memories treasured deep inside.

I promise you, I will die fighting the enemies, but my last breath will be on your name.

Love you”

“I can’t believe you are giving me this now!” The lady exclaimed with tears. She looked at the officer who had come to deliver the letter, with red eyes and accusing look.

“Erm sorry ma’am.. there are too many letters you see.. it just gets lost in the heap sometimes..” the officer said embarrassingly.

“Oh you mean lost for over 30 years? You got to be kidding me!!!!” She spat at him.

He scratched his head. “We just recently started digitizing all the records etc.. and we just found there were too many posts due since ages.. that’s why, the moment we found we started sending them off! I am sure, even though its late, you have received your token of love anyway” The officer tried to reason. But the lady frantically screamed at him for being such lazy bastards.

Hearing the commotion a man appeared behind her holding crutches.

“What’s all this noise darling?” He asked her.

“Look at this! See? He is delivering this letter NOW! I mean, After 30 freaking years!” She wailed with teary eyes.

“What letter?” He asked inspecting the old letter. While reading it, for a moment he too felt a pang on his chest. He looked at her and they shared a hug.

The officer cleared his throat, “Um.. Ma’am.. If you could sign here.. I would take your leave.”

That’s when the man looked at him. “Damn! Did I trust you fools to deliver this letter? Thank God! I was saved by minor injuries. Baby, lets get in..”

Muttering a sting of curses at the officer, the lady who was in her late fifties walked inside, closing the door behind her.

“Hey! By the way, you wrote me such a cheesy letter? You can’t even give me compliments directly!” She laughed sitting beside him.

Sipping hot coffee he looked away “Don’t flatter yourself. I was dying! I thought you would like it. After all aren’t you crazy romantic?”

“And you are not? Should I remind of your romantic escapade during our wedding days! God! You were..”

“That’s enough! I will never tell you how much I love you again.”

“You don’t need to sweetheart. I have this letter now!” She grinned.

He hit his forehead. He knew it was a bad idea. But a man can only know what it feels like knowing he would die next day! Hmph!


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