Day 5 : Trip with me


She was wandering the streets of nowhere. Her mind and heart didn’t sync anymore. She kept walking. Sometimes she took train or bus. At night she stayed in lowly motel ignoring the odd looks. She just had a small backpack with pair of jeans and two sets of tops. That’s all was needed for road trip right?

“Jay! Please na.. come with me. I really want to go on this trip. It would be so much fun for the weekend.” She begged him.

Jay shaking his thoughts turned to her, “Sheila, please you need to understand. My priority is my girlfriend. She wants me to go for a family dinner with her parents. I am meeting them for the first time.. I am so nervous-”

Sheila interrupted him with a gulp “Jay. We had made this plan much earlier. Infact its our legacy since college days. If any of us loses a job or has a heart-break or anything devastating like that, we go on a trip. It fixes our mood and life comes back on track.”

“Yes! Yes! I know Sheila. Can’t we go next week? That would be better isn’t it?” he asked hoping she would agree.

“My father died just few days back. I have no more leave from the company and i am getting a transfer. You know that. There won’t be a next week for us!” Sheila said with tears battling to stream down her cheeks.

Jay tried to talk further when she said. “Its okay. You go for the dinner. Take care.” And she left; without a word.

She wiped her tears recalling the conversation. She hadn’t waited for his response; she had immediately come to the road trip all alone. Infact she even resigned for her job. She had no family now. Everything was too much to take for her. And the fact that she was in love with her best friend didn’t help it either.

She spent another night of her road trip in a random motel. She didn’t have energy to wake up all night and cry. She was too tired to even blink her eyes. She slept like a baby for the first time after her father’s funeral.

When she left home she didn’t have a destination. She had decided to climb random train, get down in random station and wander about. Like destiny had its trick without her knowledge she had reached the town where she spent her school days. It was her boarding school; the school where she had met Jay. They were best of friends ever since.

Her school hadn’t changed much. All the same except for a new block and new painting. She smiled reminiscing the old days. The days that she spent fighting and patching up with Jay. The days, she spent dreaming about him. The days when her heart first broke; Jay had proposed to some other girl.

Sheila could never really move on. She did have her share of flings and relationships. Nothing lasted long! Even Jay had few affairs before settling with current girlfriend. Jay and Sheila were each other’s shoulders to cry on. Strangely they made trend of going on trips whenever they were upset over life.

She turned around to leave only to find the man of her dreams standing near the gate. He was breathing profusely as though he had run all the way. When he saw her relief washed over his face. Thanking all the Gods he walked towards her.

“God Sheila! Where had you been?” He exclaimed holding her in his arms. “Do you know how much I searched you?”

“What the hell? Why are you here jay?” Sheila asked tears falling down her cheeks.

Jay rolled his eyes, “Isn’t it our legacy to go on trips whenever we are down in our life?” He said with a pout. His puppy look always worked charm on her.

“What happened?” she asked with a gulp.

“Break up” he said with a smile. Sheila didn’t know whether to be happy or sad about that. What he said next certainly made her day!

“I was thinking, its enough! I am tired of searching right girl, you are tired of having bad relationships. Instead why don’t we start dating?” He asked.


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