Day 6 : Runaway with me


She breathed the cold air nervously. Lately she had become a wreck. If she considered joining family business as a nightmare, then being the heiress to their so called empire was something even beyond the world of horror. One of the perks of being born to a billionaire, she used to say.

All she wanted was a peaceful normal life where she would have tiny apartment, a terrace, a garden and a cat for company. But was it too much to ask for? You can’t dream of such things! you should be happy you are living a life that everyone dreams of. She was told.

She took long breaths and braced herself. It was the first time she would be coming infront of those million cameras that flicker their flashes like lightening at her. It was the first were she would be officially declared as the heiress and one of the directors to chain of companies her father owned.

“You seem pretty” he said barging into her room. She didn’t look up to know who it was. But the irony of life was such that never in her dreams had she imagined that they would be comfortable with each other.

“Why are you here?” She asked keeping her hair in place.

“To see you before you disappear! The world you are stepping into, is not a normal one.” He replied standing by the window. She looked out too, and found him staring at the huge gates outside.

“Sometimes, I wish I could run away, how difficult it is to walk out of that gate? Have you had similar thoughts too?” she asked. She was really curious to know how he had coped up with everything. He was no different than her. Infact, she atleast had an elder brother who would get equal share from the company and in reality he would be the one to manage most of the work. She only knew to travel and to write. Business and technicality always wandered above her head.

He chuckled. “Who doesn’t want to? Everyone is tied to something or the other in their life. For some it keeps their life going and for the rest like us, it will cage our lives forever.”

He looked so honest and charming when he said that. Had she found him charming few years ago, they would have been married by now! Her mother had brought his proposal; he was just as clueless as her with the matchmaking tactics of their beloved parents.

They met, they decided, They rejected.

Soon after, they started talking. He had now become her confidante. She couldn’t imagine what would she have done, if not for his support and help throughout the process of the wrecked life.

He sighed and turned towards her. “The reason I came here is to say, Goodbye.”

She stood up shocked by his words, he continued “You just wished to free yourself, and I have already done that. I am no more tied to the family legacy. I took up the chair because I had promised my dad. It took me all these years, to bring justice to my promise as well as to my life. The company is now in safe hands. May be when I am tired of wandering I might come back, I don’t know. For now, I want to build a house by countryside all by myself. Do some farming, may be some traveling too.” He winked while he said ‘traveling’, knowing exactly it would send sparks on her nerves.

“Ma’am, it’s time.” The maid called her for the ceremony.

He looked at her. “There is one more thing, I would like to say.

“What?” she asked. Her nerves were a mess inside her, every cell of her body screamed to be freed.

“Run-away with me?” he said going down on his knees.

“I know you don’t want this. May be for a challenge you might as well take this up, but then, you know very well the life you will be seeing would be nothing short of a disaster. Your family won’t understand it. Your brother can handle this all, you do have a choice to walk away. If you are still not convinced, then hear this. I love you. The day I first laid eyes on you, I lost it; My heart. I didn’t say it then because I was unsure of my own life. Today, I don’t have a destiny but I have a journey. Can you be with me and walk beside me?”

Tears welled up in her eyes. For a long time, she had thought, what if she hadn’t rejected him? She knew the answer now, she had to reject him then so that she could accept him now, with a life that’s imperfect but normal.

As they run out of the gates, they knew they had found freedom, come what may.

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