THANK YOU! 100 Followers! <3

Hi guys! πŸ™‚

This blog was started in 2014. I just added few posts and disappeared behind my college life. Now, when college has ended and i am sitting at home jobless, the only thing that could keep me sane was writing. So i wrote and then started Blogging all over again.

In this time, i hardly had any likes, comments, followers. But that didnt make me sad. I just wanted to vent out the voice that was screaming inside me. With least expectations i had started all this.

And today, I have 100 followers in a matter of almost a week! That was unimaginable!



Today, i may have problems. It may sound silly to others, or it may not be a problem at all. All i know is, I am confused from my life, and there are too many things happening. Each day is like a war. I don’t know whether there is a solution or whether all this would ever end. But what i do know is, Even if i lose all hopes, I must keep going. There is no point in overthinking, there is no point in blaming God for Good or Bad.

Thus, I am walking. Wherever it may lead to. In the mean time, spare me if i get too emotional as this is the only place i chose to voice the thoughts. There has to be something to vent my frustration out right? I not weak. I know that. I have been strong for most of the ups and downs. I have just lost my true self in this mayhem. And i know for sure, i will find it too.

THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN. All those who took time to read, like, comment and follow my blog.Β 


I always wanted to be an Author. But then, life took better part of me away. Now, I want to just be the voice with my words. Whether i will become an author or no, its a mystery i leave it for future.


With Love,

nams! ❀


12 thoughts on “THANK YOU! 100 Followers! <3

      1. Thanks Kally, really sweet of you. Lately, all my emotions have been reflecting on my writing. I am always the one to write humor, but the words that i type these days end up being emotional and sad. Hope i will cross this block soon! bare with me till then!
        Keep rocking friend! ❀

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      2. I’m confident you will overcome this obstacle. You are so brave and committed, I look forward to a new refresh you. You can only go down so low, once you hit the bottom, the only way is up, Up, UP!

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  1. Congrats nams πŸ™‚ I know the phase when you write and need feedback but don’t get it but you kept writing irrespective of the outcome and that’s the reason you reached here ….I hope you get direction and peace in your life soon πŸ™‚ take care πŸ™‚ keep writing πŸ™‚

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