Tiny lines #4

Pic of NITK beach , Surathkal, Karnataka

There is something about the sea,
It always hypnotizes me..
As the tides shine under the moon
And also the sun,
I feel how simple the life could be.
In that moment, i know that

With a little effort,

I can let my fears wash away,
Just like the tide that kisses the shore..


14 thoughts on “Tiny lines #4

  1. Beaches are beautiful πŸ™‚ water has its own charm πŸ™‚ water wipes out your heart from the outer dirt πŸ™‚ it is peaceful to live in vicinity of flowing water πŸ™‚

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    1. I live in coastal area. If not near the sea, i am just a hour away from the 3 beaches which is in my city. Trust me walking alone in the beach or having fun with your friends in the beach, both are awesome! I miss my friends whenever i think of beaches 😦

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