Day 7 : 100th Birthday


Sorry, couldn’t post this yesterday, there was a power cut at home, i had writers block and my was practically blank and i really felt very irritated. if there was nothing similar to frustration, count that as well. Anyway, i know my challenge meant i have to post it everyday, but a circumstantial excuse is allowed 😛

I chose to take a prompt from tumblr for this story. Link to the prompt : Click Here


“You know what’s my biggest wish is Sam? To die before you, not because I want to leave you in pain. Its because i am selfish, I could never see you walk away, how could I see you die?” That melody of a voice still echoed in his ears as he touched the photo frame. It was a marriage photo of him and his beloved wife.

He could still hear the commotion in the adjacent room. It was his 100th birthday and they were planning for some grand celebration. He wondered whether they wanted to celebrate his birthday or was it because they just wanted to have a party. But all he wanted to do was just to be by himself..

A fellow passenger helped Sam board the bus. His favorite park was still the best place to find peace. He sat on the old bench under a willow tree. There was uneasiness, emptiness in his life. It had been 20 years since he lost his wife. He couldn’t feel the life anymore. The time was ticking and he was just walking ahead. He had promised her he would never sulk but remember her like a beautiful memory; a memory enough to last as long as he breathes.

The world fell silent as he smiled at the ducks that were milling in the pond infront of him. At a distance he could see pair of new moms pushing the strollers down the park. A memory ever so tenderly made way into his heart.

“Tell me again, why am here and not in the meeting room?” An exhausted sam asked his wife who was sitting in the park holding the stroller. Their baby was neatly tucked inside, and was smiling at the father.

“Because I wanted to bring him to the park. It felt boring to be alone” she winked.

Sam rolled his eyes, but laughed nevertheless. It was those times, when he forgot about family, his wife would gently remind him of his duties. They had chatted, laughed, played and made some beautiful memories that day.

The sun was perfect warmth behind him. He took in the chilly breeze that tingled his skin. That’s when he felt a familiar presence and in a breath-taking moment he saw her. His wife, sitting beside him with a loving smile adorned on her face.

“Happy Birthday sam.” She said touching his face. He felt chill run down his spin at her cold touch. She chuckled “Sometimes I keep forgetting I don’t live in this earth anymore.” She said.

Sam had tears welled up in his eyes, “I don’t need to say how much I missed you, you have seen it all right?”

She nodded, “I missed you too. You know what is worst than living without your loved one? Is to see your love everyday and not able to hold or kiss him.”

Sam shook his head, “Then why did you leave? Twenty years sarah!! Its been twenty years since I stopped living. Life is just a passing time, a reminder of your absence.” He said touching her face.

Tears tickled her eyes. “I want to blame the cancer, god, doctor and every body else. But would that do any good? I was just meant to live for that while. I have seen you have brought up our grandchildren very well. I am proud of you sam.”

He puffed, “It was nightmare. Albeit the beautiful one! They have too many questions. You were always good with the kids, you always answered them wisely. It was difficult to me. Very much. And I will blame you for that.”

She laughed, “Oh sam! Tell me more!

For a long time he sat there telling her the stories. They laughed, they cried.

She took him for a walk too. It was beautiful. They always loved long walks. When they came back near the pond, she held his hand.

Don’t go sam” she said.

He smiled, “You are the one who is away” he said

There was crowd gathered around the bench, worried sam looked at his wife. She asked him not go any further. But sam wondered what had happened?

Few guys came with a stretcher, behind them stood his family. Confused sam looked further and found his body being placed in the stretcher. Shocked, he turned to look at his wife.

“I think he had an heart attack while sitting in the bench. Poor soul. It was his 100th birthday!” people commented.

His wife held him in embrace, “didn’t I tell you, I can’t see you die.”

He held her tightly, “Can we rest in peace now?”

She nodded with a smile.


20 thoughts on “Day 7 : 100th Birthday

    1. Prompt can be anything. Just a line, a word, small summary upon which we can write our story. When i usually out of ideas i hunt for prompts. Lot of websites provide daily prompts. And there are also writers who post random prompts on their website. You can use them abd credit them my sending your link to the story/prompts.
      Hope i cleared it. If you hav doubts feel free to ask and you can find the link to prompt in the above post. 🙂
      Thank you! ❤

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      1. You must. Check tumblr, reddit writing prompts, writers digest prompts or just google picture prompts! You can even find some eye catching images on which you can write. Its always inspiring. And if you really looking for humor/romance/dialogue prompts i suggest you to search in tumblr. All other websites are mostly into alien/fantasy/horror and god knows what puzzles! 😂
        Hope that helped 🙂


  1. This is a wonderful story 🙂 I loved every bit of it …but I loved the end ..most…how always death bring tears to our eyes but this time someone’s death brought smile to my face…knowing that the person is going to get what he lost while living 🙂

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