Tiny lines #5

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It was crooked,

It was still mine..

I cursed fate everyday,

But i was still here..

I wept alone,

Yet i could feel some warmth..

I yelled and lost my peace..

I could still feel the smile anyway..

Even though i hate,

I still love it..

Because one can Never,

Runaway from family.

Good or bad, family is family..


12 thoughts on “Tiny lines #5

      1. hmm..love overlook flaws πŸ˜› … I don’t know have you ever fallen in love or not…because when true love strikes …you know the flaws of the person ..you can see them with your naked eye..but still you ignore them πŸ˜› ..And its well said ..love conquers all πŸ™‚ even your logical mind πŸ˜‰

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      2. I dont know about true love. Cupid did strike me once and me realize love is not about decisions, nor its about equations. Thats when i realized i was blinded by the idea of being in love and forgot to see the reality. Reality where a person i thought i was in love with was much different than what he is actually. I had to walk even though i still care about. It was never love.

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