Blog Goals!

Hi Guys,

Soon, i will be busy again. I have just decided to take up some job oriented courses, As an engineering fresher i have just realized none of the companies are really kind enough to hire me before i know the ABCD of the kind of coding, they expect from their employees. So well, yes, I have to join a course that would consume almost 3 months. On a good note, it will give me enough time to blog too.

So here are some of my blog goals or the things that you guys will be seeing very soon popping up here and there in the blog.

1. Word A Wednesday

This is similar to my previous “A Story A Day Challenge” ( Click here to read ). Every Wednesday I will pick a word or two, and then write a Drabble ( A short story of around 100-300 words ) using those words.

What is the use of this?

First of all, It will help me improvise a Lot. I Really need to learn to write “short” stories. And it will also help me to go beyond my boundaries. Well you can read my stories and learn new words as well! A win-win yeah?

2. Monday Morning Musings

I really, really need to rant! I want to share what my feelings are, what my family is making me do this weekend, where i lost my stuffs, how i found my new pet, what happened over the week! And so, if you want to know me more? Just read these! I will be posting this every Monday. Nobody likes Monday, do you?

3. Topic for Today

Here, I will pick up a topic and i will share my views with you. Now, This will be done anyday of the week and if i am free enough i might as well post two or three articles a day. It all depends on my time and the topic i will choose. You can suggest me some topics too incase you want to hear what my views are.

4. Tiny Tales, Tiny Lines, Stories, Poems, Random Clicks

This are all random posts which i will post at random times!

Tiny Tales – As the name says, a small story.

Tiny lines – Just like poems, these are mostly excerpts from my journal. My thoughts, my feelings, under few words!

Stories – Short stories posted in random. Mostly comprises of around 1000 words.

Poems – Short / long. Mostly Fiction.

Random clicks – Some of the every day photos captured by me with a caption.

The above list can be found in the “Categories” Section on the sidebar.

So yes, Thats my goals or resolution as you can say. I really hope i can keep up with this. By doing this, i am giving a job to myself which i undoubtedly love!

So now you know what you need to look for in the blog. All the links can be found in the menu, sidebar or you can just search with title.

If you have anything to ask, May be a friend to talk or ideas to share, You can always contact me Through twitter or google plus (you will find links About Me)

Or you can write to me at : sunshinebliss03@hotmail.comΒ Β

Or just drop a comment anywhere in blog and we will get talking! πŸ™‚

With Love

Nams! ❀


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