Day 8 : You stole my Tiara!

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Day 8 : You stole my tiara!

“I think you are drunk! Lets get you home!!” Aarav pulled her up from the couch and lifted her in his arms making way towards his car.

She struggled, sniffed, puffed, groaned and whats worst? She tweaked his ears, tried to insert her sharp pointed nails into his eyes and brushed her hair against his nose!

He dropped her down grunting, “What the hell Aisha? I thought the insane you was a nightmare, but the drunk you is a disaster!

She pouted and pushed him away, “Its because of you! You are the reason I am drunk, monster!

He rolled his eyes, “Really? You wanted to leave your job so badly! From the day 1 you joined my company you have broken all the rules just so that I could kick you out! And I did, exactly what you wanted!”

She snickered, “Ofcourse! Why didn’t you kick me out then? Why now? When I started liking my job!”

He held her by his arms, his heart thumping with anger, “You should have thought about it before kissing your colleague! Get in the car Aisha!


“I don’t understand why am I listening to drunk dumb and most annoying girl ever!” He groaned as he parked his car in the sand. The waves were just few steps away and Aisha had already started chirping like a bird.

“Aisha! Stop! You might drown!!!” Aarav ran behind her.

He caught her right before she jumped, she looked up pointing an accusing finger at him, “You are jerk. Always been! I can’t believe we know each other since childhood, and yet you treat me like garbage!”

“That’s because you are one! You don’t treat me well either. You insulted me in the college! Damn Aisha you put up a pic of me wearing a saree? Aisha that was a dare and not forget given by you! How could you post something so personal during my farewell?”

She untangled herself from his hold and said, “Oh you are angry about that? Was making me apply to your company through my father was all a plan to get your revenge?”

She made him face her when he looked away, “I wouldn’t have done that if you didn’t scare my boyfriend away, you asshole!”

“Your boyfriend? Haha! He was an asshole! Infact, he only dated you because of a bet he had with his friends! You crazy woman!”

“So? So you would just show him my pics? Which were taken by you while I was sleeping! How dare you!?”

“Those were funny na?” He said laughing. “But wait, you broke my favourite cycle. Do you remember what an evil are you?”

“Oh please Aarav! I did that because you burned my diary! How could you, monster!

“hahaha!” he laughed sarcastically, “Oh please! you actually destroyed my notes, I burned down whatever I could grasp.”

Aisha felt her head spin; nevertheless they continued their charade until they couldn’t remember what had they done to bring each other down.

Frustrated, she pushed him away and sat upon the bonnet of his car with a huge pout on her face. He followed her slowly after and sat beside her.

“It was all started because you! If you didn’t steal my tiara on my birthday, we would have been great friends!” She said punching him.

“Are you kidding me? You were 11 years old!! By the way, you lost your tiara after the party. I just found it.

“And didn’t return, why?

He cleared his throat looking away “Because, um.. I just thought I would keep it as a memory.. I mean. You did look cute wearing that thing..”


He touched her face, tracing the curves of cheeks he smiled, “I still have it.”

She gulped, she wasn’t high anymore, the power of the drinks had long washed away. “Then, why do you hate me so much?”

He laughed, “I don’t. I never did. Haan, I love playing pranks on you though..”

She hit him playfully, He held her hands and brought her closer to him; “Don’t get drunk like this alone.

“Why?” she asked hypnotized by his words.

“Because I am worried for you”


“Because I care for you?”


He smiled before kissing her. “That’s why”


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