Day 9 : The Wife | Part 1 |

Hi guys! Here’s another bonus story for today since i missed to post on the other day. Well its a two part story, so i will upload the next part tomorrow!



Day 9 : The Wife : Part 1

“Dammit Rita! Why on earth did I marry you?” He had asked her in the morning. His wife who looked at him with melting eyes only sucked in her grief and handed him his favorite breakfast. He wouldn’t have thought about her if his colleague hadn’t reminded he had to go home.

They were married for 9 years now, but these days, he only questioned her existence. Every now and then letting her know she was nothing but a burden. What had she done? His sane mind often asked him. And then the other part replied, She is not sexy like before, she has put on weight, she hardly brushes her hair these days! Oh, and she stopped working. She spends whole day at home, I work! Can’t she leave me in peace atleast?

Robert looked at his assistant who was giving him a flirty smile, “You know, you can come to my place tonight..” She trailed off.

Her voice, so tempting, so charming!

Robert had been working hard for past years providing the luxuries for his wife, for his 6 year old daughter and gaining the heights of success. A man needs comfort, peace and most importantly a wife who could understand him. Does Rita understand him? No!

Every day she has a new subject to fight for. One day its about the bills he couldn’t pay in time, couldn’t she do it? he has given her enough money to spend on anything, anytime.

The next day, it was about the trip that Laila, his 6 year old badly wanted to go. Can’t his wife see how busy he is?

And the day after that, it was about their pet which died. He hadn’t even seen that rabbit around! How could she expect him to understand her for not cooking that day! It is a pet for god sake! Does he really have to mourn for the stupid thing he didn’t even see?

And then so on, everyday was a war. Which ofcourse he would win! She would simply tuck away her tears and be silent for the rest of the day! Nice way to send a man for a guilt trip.

Did he love his wife anymore? May be he should file for a divorce. Wait, what about laila?

He groaned in frustration. The lovely portrait of their wedding wasn’t lovely anymore. Wait, why a divorce? May be he could just yes, to his assistant, spend some tempting time with her and then go back home. May be he could do this everyday. After all, a man wants a change right? If his wife can’t understand him, if his wife doesn’t appeal good enough for some luscious sex anymore, if his wife is always nagging or crying or fighting or silent, Why the hell should he remain faithful? He can find his peace elsewhere, go home and pass the rest of the time right? Right?

“Rob, I am waiting..” His sexy assistant tapped his shoulders. Before he could answer, his phone rang. “Daddy, Mommy is gone.

9 thoughts on “Day 9 : The Wife | Part 1 |

  1. no one can get absolutely enjoyment n peace in whole world. it is truth -nobody get never whole perfect life in the world.we wish from whenever but not get from the way,u do as u wish but take care of ur baby.cunfusoin n frustration r other name of realstic life in this world .god bless u.

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    1. Well said. I may not b a wife but am a daughter. I know what a mother goes through. Some may lead a happy life but there are loads of families out there where wife/mother has just become a machine.
      Thank you for understanding my story 🙂


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