Random Click #3

Well this is actually clicked by my friend. I am posting it on her behalf.

Its not a great photography, niether its capturing any once-in-a-life-time image. Its just something that caught our eyes.
Those clouds. Its captivating.


Sometimes its the appearance that marks great impact.


28 thoughts on “Random Click #3

  1. This is gorgeous, please strike off the line where you say that this is not a great click. Cause this is perfect. I am a diehard fans of these fantasies of clouds. And if you have ever noticed that winter skies are the prettiest. And how is ms engineer doing?

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    1. Well thank you so much. I am fan of clouds too. Love watching them change shapes and guessing what it resembled.
      I am not doing MS. Planning for a small courses like java. Currently at home jobles..

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      1. Sorry :p well i am doing good. Tomorrow i will b watching ‘talvar’ movie.. And life i still a confused wreck but no more a nightmare 🙂 how are you doing? I checked your blog but got lost instead 😦

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      2. Array nothing.. I was just trying to find where you have posted poetry.. Any category i should specifically check?
        Yes i heard that! Cant wait to watch.. Actually i am going out of the 4 walls of miy house after long.


    1. You can see lot into that image. Like an angel rising from the sky, like a smoke buzzing up from the sea, like a bird with huge wings.. Gosh.. I dunno.. Thats why i said its captivating! ❤

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