Day 10 : The Wife | Part 2 |

And Finally, I reach to the end of my challenge. With this, I finish of “A STORY A DAY” challenge which i decided to do for 10 days. Yay! It’s the 10th day!!!

Here is the part two of “The Wife” which i posted yesterday! Hope you all will like it 🙂

And Do check my other post, “Blog Goals” It has the list of updates, challenges etc, basically it will tell you all what i am going to do with this blog exactly! I just wanted to sort this blog out.

Well, here it goes. *Sigh.*


“Laila, you said you wanted to take a nap. Didn’t you?” Robert narrowed his eyes at his pouting daughter. “Now I want to play!” she chirped.

Robert shook his head, “Listen..”

Laila interrupted him, “Mommy would always let me play!”

Robert sighed, “If you want to play, then what about him? I think he really wants a nap!” Robert said pointing at the puppy Laila had begged to bring home. Her eyes immediately lit with excitement, when their puppy hopped up on her bed and cuddled next to her.

“now go to sleep! Both of you” he said tucking them safely under the blanket.


“Man! I want to have fun. My wife is no fun.” Danny, Robert’s friend said.

Robert sighed, “Ofcourse. I am sure you are also feeling that, she is fat, she sits at home all day and nags when you come home? Oh and not forget how much she loves her pets. Right?”

“Bang on! How did you know man?”

Robert laughed. “I had similar feelings too.”

“What did you do then? Oh, let me guess, you hooked up with that hot assistant of yours right?”

Robert shook his head, “Nope. My wife left me”

Danny was silent for a while before he continued, “Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?”

Robert smiled “Okay, so let me tell what good things happened after that. I had to cook for myself and for Laila. That’s when I got to know, we had different tastes. Rita always prepared food according to our tastes. And that my friend is not an easy job.

“You should have hired a maid! Simple!” Danny said

“Oh I did try that too. But the maid, always cooked differently. I could manage somehow but, laila, she is too particular with these things. That’s when I remembered, Rita had once hired a maid, when she used to work. I thought Rita was tired of working when she quit the job, kicked the maid and started doing all the house chores. Now I know why.”

“So.. I mean.. Okay big deal..”

“I took few days off. And I realized how difficult it was to pay the bills, cook, clean and also take care of laila. She is just a kid, and her questions, her doubts, her excuses and all those pleads. Wasn’t easy to handle.”

“You would learn to do it soon man.. I mean.. you should have married again..”

Robert glared at him, “Then what was I before? Wasn’t I married? To Rita? I mean, is marriage a deal where husband works and wife cooks, serves, takes care of the family?”

Robert continued “Anyway, that was not all, when I looked at myself after few days, I realized what a mess I had become. I had no time to shave, I didn’t have time to properly shampoo my hair and I also didn’t have time to actually check myself in the mirror”

Danny felt himself sweating. Just then, Robert’s puppy came to the living room. He hopped up on robert’s lap licking his face. “And pets, man! Its too difficult to not to fall for them!”

Danny had now seen a different perspective of life. Not that, every man should quit job and stay at home but the wife who stays at home or the one that’s works shouldn’t be neglected.

“And by the way, I love my wife.” Robert replied before opening the main door. “Welcome back sweetheart. What took you so long?”

Rita smiled kissing her husband and then their pup. “It was raining. Rob, go get ready, you have a meeting right? I will cook something soon!”

Rita greeted Danny, before entering the kitchen. Danny surprisingly looked at Rob. “She just took a break. Went on a holiday and was at my door step when I realized what I had lost. Danny, not every couple has similar situation like mine. May be you really need something new, may be you don’t love your wife anymore. But you should find that answer. Then you will know what fun you are looking for in your life.!”


8 thoughts on “Day 10 : The Wife | Part 2 |

    1. Thank you. I can’t write tragedies hasmeet. I have enough tragedies, heartbreaks and betrayals in my life that i only look forward to happy endings in the world called fiction. 🙂 Somehow in all my endings, love wins. ❤


  1. How beautifully you have portrayed the life of a women and her contribution in family 🙂 though you are not married but you still understood the intricacies of a married life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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