Word A Wednesday #1

Hey Guys! And, Today I Start : WORD A WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE.


Today’s word is :

Flummox : To bewilder, confound, confuse.


She tried to free herself but all in vain. She was tied and dumped in a hole. How did she get in here? Yes, The camp!

“You have woken up!” A male voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked up at the man who was wearing strange outfit, a fashion she wasn’t aware of! Did he kidnap her?

“Are you trying to bury me here?” She asked.

“Nope. I was trying to get you out of there. If you want to stay there, you are most welcome. I will take back this ladder..” He said placing the ladder to the pit.

“Now if you want to come out, please oblige” He said sarcastically when she didn’t respond. Grabbing the chance, she wriggled and climbed the ladder; her hands still tied. The first thing she noticed was his shoes. Brown shoes.


“Am a little flummoxed here, tell me how exactly did you reach the elephant trap in this jungle.?” He asked pulling her up. She crashed right to his chest.

“Ah.. that.. well.. we came here after we heard that there is some of ghost here.. and we were camping.. wait, where are my friends?”

He laughed. Confused she chastised him, “Does that seem like a joke to you?”

He shook his head, “You are pretty. I think you should go home”

She was scared, she had no memory of last night except for the camp.

“Where you dream walking again?” There was a tap on her shoulders.

Melissa turned around to see she was in her room. Wait, was that a dream?

“And why are your hands tied like that? And why are your clothes muddy?” her best friend asked.

A/N : I have no idea how this came out. Hope it didn’t suck! 😛


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