Random Click #5

Hi guys!

Well in today’s pic, i will give you a glimpse of something that surrounds my engineering college (Just graduated!!)

Sometimes i wondered “why didn’t i choose IIT?”

Then my mind answered “No one told you what’s an IIT or the difference between the colleges!”

Again i wondered, “Why Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangalore? Not any other college in Bangalore? or anywhere else.. why here?

Then my mind answered “Because Mom selected the nearest college to your house.” surprisingly my college was just 20 mins away from my house..

But, that wasn’t the reason i chose this. Education wise it was a good college. I have no comments on that.

But what i found interesting was..

Srinivas Institute of technology is situated upon a small hill called Valachil, the road further leads to Merlapadavu, in Mangalore.

River Nethravathi flows very closely to the hill and hence the college has a great view. The hill, which is now disappearing slowly with the construction of the houses, has a great view of the river. Even through any window of the college you can see the beautiful nature underneath it. From the main road, there is a small road and probably the only road for vehicles that leads up to the hill and further. The road is so curvaceous that one will surely feel the excitement, mostly first timers.. we college students have had great experience with our buses hitting a rock or another, with railway gate being the biggest obstacle (Oh yes, there is a railway track that passes through the road ). Hence we are well used to the road. To me, its always an exitement. But what’s more fun is the secret routes; those shortcuts that passes through trees (jungle shall i say?) and some houses here and there! This will surely give anyone a trekking experience.. atleast, it did for me!

So here is one such pic, taken from the college.. I will post more pics if i get time with a separate post.. for now, this is the random pic of the day!

Sorry, Pic quality is a bit bad as it was taken long before from my old nokia cell phone.. Anyway, that beauty haunts me everyday! I miss it so much.

2014-02-20 15.14.51

Sometimes, all you need is a good stare at the beauty of nature; Because nothing can ever beat that!


12 thoughts on “Random Click #5

  1. A college at the lap of mother nature gives immense happiness to any writer 😉 I did my masters from college which is a hill station 🙂 So I know what is that feeling you are talking about 🙂

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