Tiny Tale #2


Do you know the feeling of “What-if?”

Your life is imperfectly perfect. You have lovely and the worlds coolest parents, a sister to die for, cousins who are more than family; you also have friends to help,guide,irritate you and get you all riled up and also make you happiest.. And then you have a boyfriend.. A love life, so unpredictable yet so beautiful..

You have your ups and downs.Β  Bad memories and good ones.. All is well in your life except the sudden change of plans or situations that hurt you. All is well..

Yet one day while wrapping up your things for the day, in your office, suddenly you wonder “What if i lose everything? What if someone dies whom you care the most?”

And that my friends was me. I sat there overwhelmed with emotions. Every beautiful and ugly parts of my life started forming a picture in motion infront of my eyes.

The pictures in my dashboard spoke volumes and i felt unhappy.

“Baby are you okay?” He asked me as iΒ  hugged him for my dear life. Not able to hold my tears in place i had to rush out of my office to his studio and then to his embrace.

“I love you.” i told him repeatedly.

He kept comforting me; cuddled safely in his lap i sniffed again murmuring how much i loved him. He kept brushing my hair.Β  Kissing my head .. Holding my hand and giving the utmost comfort.

“Tell me what happend baby?” he asked while i had finally calmed down. Not wanting to take my safely tucked head from his lap, i smiled.

“I dont know. I felt sad.. Unhappy and missed you so much! I dont know.. Everything so perfect.. Am always happy.. What if anything happened? What if someone i love died? How will i live? What if we separated? What if..”

Before i could rant further he laughed. He kissed me hard at my sad face and laughed some more.

“I love you.” he said

“I love you” i told him.

“Sometimes you just have to be unhappy to know the true worth of happiness. So my sweet baby, you can come to me anytime as long as i get to hug you, cuddle you and kiss you senseless..” he said.

I frowned ” so i can’t visit you if i don’t have to hug, kiss or cuddle you?”

He thought for a while and then said “will anything stop you from seing me? You always find your way!”

I told him i love you.


8 thoughts on “Tiny Tale #2

  1. You have added a wonderful line πŸ™‚ you don’t know the value until you hit that bottom of sadness 😦 it is such a powerful feeling at that time that thinking of it make you cry 😦 I felt that emotion so many times …nice post πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much. Exactly.. When life is all happy and glittery people often forget the value of their dear ones.. Some will even take it for granted. All i believe is one must tell their feeling while there is time.. Life is unpredictable.. Isnt it?

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      1. Yes …Totally agree with you dear …I often feel it satirical that the emotion(Love) that needs to emoted is emoted so less by us while the emotion(Anger) that shouldn’t be revealed to anyone not even to our own soul is vented out in-front of everyone …

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      2. Absolutely. Emotions are what make the human soul vulnerable as well as strong. I think all i can do it write them.. In my life i have become weakest and vulnerable soul. Even if no one wants to understand me, fine i can deal with that. But when i am pointed, pricked and barred for the way i am now, i cant tolerate it. Because i am not me. Past 40 days or so, its as if i am hiding behind a body which is just living inspite of being emotionally and mentally hurt. As much as i want to heal, everyone is sending me on guilt trip. How can i even come out of it when i got no chance?

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      3. hmm…there are moments in our life when everything is not alright ..there are times when you are left alone 😦 in-spite of so many people around you ..you feel somewhat lonely …its when you connect with yourself most…you understand the bitter truths and know how you will come out of the mess πŸ™‚ I hope you get connected with your self πŸ™‚ and face the world and people around you in much stronger way πŸ™‚
        Lots of love dear ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I wish i could tell you “I hope so”. But i dont have any hopes. The dreams that made passionate has vanished without trace. I still have few dreams left which only seems lik somthing that would never come true. And today all i do is eat. Sleep. Blog. Repeat. Nothing else. I wish i can find my passion soon


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