Random click #7

Todays random pic is my amazing skills in cooking! 😍
Haha jus kidding! Well i do cook once in a blue moon.. And these are the results. Since i haven’t taken pics of my previous rendevous, i can’t show you my disasters as well as some good mouth watering dishes i make..

If i didn’t tell you yet, hear me. I may not be familar with essential dishes to survive in this world, but i am good enough to make snacks, omlettes and maggi Ofcourse ( when will they lift the ban exactly??)

If any1 is interested to know the recipe please let me know.. I will make a separate post for that too πŸ˜‰

I know its not random but me in kitchen is not everyday scene you see 😂😜

Anyway.. This is what i prepared today.

Cabbage vada/fritters

This, i made last week. Its karnataka style, both spicy and sweet snack.
There is kerala style too, thats mostly sweet and i am not that fond of it. In karnataka we make it spicy and the sweetness of banana just makes it too good!!

Banana podi/fritters

Food is not just meant to eat; food should savoured, every inch of it.


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