Girl’s Diary : Prologue

Hi guys!!

This a new story and it will run up to many chapters. I have already mentioned i will be participating in NaNoWriMo and this story will be my mind booster. I will use this story as my escape from writer’s block or whatever thats on the way. I have no idea where this story is going to lead me, i have no idea whether this story is even worth it! All i know is, i need something to keep me going apart from writing a 50K novel, thats why this attempt. P.s : This is not the story i am using for the competition. This is just an escape to me. Well, its a story nevertheless!



“Dr.Vidya, No one has come to see her today either.” A male voice interrupted the 34 year old doctor who was standing infront of the room 201. She looked at her junior; he was young, somewhere in mid-twenties. He loved his beard and his cigarettes, no matter how many counselling sessions and rehabilitation references she had made for him, none worked! Vidya nodded at him with a sigh and moved away from the room.

The girl in the room number 201 always made her nerves jitter. There was something about her, that challenged Vidya in every aspect. Vidya turned towards her junior and said “Get me her diary. You said you found one in her bag right?”

Vansh nodded, “Yes Doctor, It’s in the counter. I will bring to your cabin.”

Vidya resumed her evening rounds. She had held herself back without reading what was in those long pages of the diary, for her patient’s privacy. But when you get a patient who has no visitors for a long time, you ought to take the risk. She had a number of times cross checked the person who brought her here, only to find he was just a dutiful citizen and had no relation to the patient whatsoever.

Sitting leisurely in her cabin which was also her apparent home, vidya sighed. It had been a long day and the girl in room number 201 engaged all her thoughts. Daringly waiting infront of her was the pages of diary. She chuckled, the only thing she knew about her patient was the name.

Meera Suvarna. The girl in the room 201. And it was her diary.


9 thoughts on “Girl’s Diary : Prologue

  1. Good one 🙂 now I want to know the story of that girl 😉 and yes one suggestion don’t repeat words consecutively in two lines …like you used vansh nodded and vidya nodded 🙂

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      1. Ofcourse not. Please keep them coming. I need to improve. If you have already seen i dont use rare words or complicated words. Thats because my school standards for english weren’t that high and now am suffering because of that!!! 😒

        Liked by 1 person

      2. See Nams, I think if you can communicate something in some simple words then why to use those words for which others have to use dictionary 🙂 But yes sometime we need to put some exact words to make it more impactful..for that you can always google out 😉 And you know what …for a writer you only need to have an intellect for other things like grammar ,spell and all you can always improve and now days you have so many tools for it 😉

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