Girl’s Diary : Chapter 1


23rd December 1998


Papa again hit me today. I showed the little bruise in my elbow to Ma. While applying medicine she asked me to shut up and never mess with Papa again.

I guess Ma is angry. When Ma is angry she won’t talk to me for days, sometimes months! I don’t talk to Papa. When Papa is not in good mood, he is a monster.

I was crying in my room when she came. It was strange that the dogs didn’t bark at her. No one told me we had a visitor either. She just walked inside and sat beside me.

I was still crying when she said “It’s Okay. Don’t cry. Will you be my friend?”

I didn’t know whether we can make friends with strangers. But she was nice like a doll. She was dressed in pink. Her long silky hair was glowing like sunshine. She was fairer than me and beautiful.

“What is your name?” I asked her between my tears.

She smiled and said, “Am Payal!”

It was the first time I felt so comfortable! Was she an angel?

She listened to my every complaint, every tear, every fear and every betrayal. I never had close friends, people always left me. I don’t know why. I told Payal the same. She said “People don’t know your value. You are special”

Am I special?

May be I am! Why would I get such an awesome friend otherwise?

-Payal’s Friend, Meera! 🙂

A/N : I know its a small update, Next few chapters will be small 🙂 Did you like it?

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