Word A Wednesday #2

Word A Wednesday Challenge #2


Today’s Word is :

Obstreperous : (adj) Resisting Control or Restraint in a difficult manner; Unruly

Books were her best friends. She was always under control! She was always perfect, in everything she did. Was today any different?

No! She mentally chided herself. Drowning back into the thick History text book, she didn’t dare to look up to the Handsome guy sitting ahead of her. Library was meant for geeks, what was a guy like him doing here? She wondered.

Before she could ponder over the British rule in India, he knocked her text book. The guts of Homo sapiens! Her meticulous mind commented.

“Did you not see me or did you just pretend to not see me?” he asked scratching his chin, narrowing his eyes. But that didn’t made her heart flutter, it was the depth of his eyes! She had a bad habbit of drowning into anything that was deep. Like pool? She was a swimmer duh! Like Books? She was a class toper! And.. well etc.

“I just believed that my eyes didn’t find a male specimen who is looking for a prey” She replied deadpanned.

She thought heart was meant plump blood and beat like a drum. But may be science was a joke? She was sure her heart did a sommersault. May be a high jump? Or was it a bunjee jumping? Is she a mutant?


When she ran away from library she could still feel his laughter echo in her ears. Was it Psychosis?

“Please tell you don’t fantasize me! Tell me you don’t wish for me while you go to sleep! Tell Me..” He said that day trapping her against the wall in the corridor.

“No I don’t” She told him adjusting her specs.

He chuckled. “Okay, then tell me, who interests you more? Those thick books, or me?”

She never lied. She was saracastic but never a liar. She just couldn’t! Her tongue would go numb if she had to lie.

“Your eyes has the depth of deepest ocean and your laughter has the power that can exceed any electromagnetic waves” She replied and ran away when he stood there dumb stuck. He was yet to process her words.

She was sitting under the tree, buried deep inside her books when he sat beside her. She could feel his constant gaze at her that made her cheeks heat. Blushes are so overrated!

“So you love me?” He laughed at her pink cheeks.

She shook her head, “My heart is Obstreperous around you and Am girl who listens to her heart.”

Confused he has “Octopus?”

She grinned and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips.

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-Nams! 🙂

29 thoughts on “Word A Wednesday #2

  1. Beautiful Imagery! “She had a bad habit of drowning into anything that was deep… Like Books?” was a brilliant way to introduce her geekiness. My favorite line is “She was sarcastic but never a liar.” 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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