Tiny Tale #3


I can see the light. Slowly creeping up from the darkness. The life thats camaflouged with nothing but dark and black is trying to adjust itself for the ray of hopes.
The sands of the ocean beam with pride. Slowly shining like a pearl hidden in the shell.
I wanted to scream. I wanted to yell. I wanted to run. This time not out of fear. This time not out of sadness. But to rejoice the life.
I am still the same. World has not changed. Nothing exciting is touching my derranged life. But something within me is feeling free.
I can feel the wings in my heart. Even though they are not set to fly, even though they are not hauling with happiness, i can feel them smile.
Little by little my feat has started skipping. They were just dragging my burdern before…
Somewhere far away i can see the shining light. Its nearing.
But the darkness that needs to vanish lingers around me. Its whispering sad and unhappy things. The negativity is still clinging on to me for the dear life.
I have to plunge forward towards the light. If the light has made an effort to shine for me, then i can take a step ahead towards it to show i will embrace it with delight.
As i drag my body against wish of thousands of force, i can feel it.
Its not magnetic pull of hope.
Its not the imagination of bright future.
Its not the wishe to succeed.
Its the passion.
A passion without expectation.


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