Random Click #11

Wishing everyone a very happpy diwali ❤😍⚡🎉🎊 Lights and colors, the festival is of bright smiles and lighting the darkness. May you never be the reason to steal the light away from someone’s life! Have a happy and safe diwali 🎊🎉⚡

Tiny Lines #11

I made a noise, Can you hear me now? I cried in pain, Can you feel me now? I screamed to be freed, Would you let me out? I begged to be heard, Can you show me mercy? I was trapped, Inside you. Do you know me? I am you.

Tiny Lines #10

Sometimes amidst the chaos, My heart would smile… Sometimes between the arguments, My heart would giggle… Sometimes along the long nights, My heart would blush… Sometimes while the rain poured, My heart would dance… Sometimes when i find you beside me, My heart would sigh contently. Because sometimes all it takes for a happy heart, … More Tiny Lines #10

Tiny lines #9

Am happy today Like a balloon floating in air I wanna fly Like a bird that dances in sky I want to skip hop and jump Like a grasshopper Am happy today After long days and nights I feel paradise is where i am I want to take this paradise wherever i go Am happy … More Tiny lines #9