Random click #16

When my sweetheart decides she is tired of playing hide and seek 😂😂 I am not sure if dogs are man’s best friend, they are certainly a girl’s angel ❤

Tiny lines #19

Sometimes it so happens that, The one’s whom you thought Would always stay beside you, Leave you to find new life… And sometimes it so happens that, The one’s whom you thought Were just passing by your life, Suprise you by being an integral part..

Tiny tale #5

Storm continued its groans, but the night was still young. As she lay in dark she wondered if every night would be the same.. ” What if he never comes back? What if he dies?” her best friend had once asked her. She wondered if she could answer that question tonight. When she fell in … More Tiny tale #5

Random click #15

My little diary. Pages nd pages of random nothings. And then i stopped at something that defines my pen-name: Sunshine Bliss. Kudos to you if you could read through it. P.S: Am definitely not fan of my handwriting 😂 When old pages makes sense, you know the meaning of yourself.

Tiny lines #17

There is always going to be a regret, There is always a chance you didn’t take, There is always a choice you made wrong, There is always a wish thats never fulfilled, There is always a life you envy, There is always a cry for help, There is always a always, While you have it, … More Tiny lines #17

Tiny lines #16

I smile at little nothings I cry at little shoutings, I walk in circles, Too many sighs Too many thoughts With the time running I keep counting the wishes, That never came true. Story of my life.