Hide and seek : Short Story

I sat down frustrated. The crushed love letter that was crying to breathe from my death grip made me feel miserable than ever.

I could feel the tears that were threatening to fall from the corner of my eyes. Why is it always so difficult?

“4 years and you still a coward?” my best friend or rather the annoying reminder of all my fears stood before me. The black sari she had draped herself in, seemed to clung her curves ever so perfectly. My plump size and all the fat of years of eating fries and Pakodas turned green with jealous. She was still my friend, I complimented her with glee; may be a fake one…

“Its farewell Aisha! If not now then never!!” she said as a matter of fact. I was itched to state the famous lines of ” Whatever meant to be…” but i chose to whine instead.

“He looked so happy and determined” i said making circles with my finger on the desk. My head leaned on my other arm.


“Nidhi! He looked like he was gonna propose to someone! All his friends were boosting him enthusiastically.. Just the way you are doing to me.. Only 1000 times more screaming and fist pumping!!”

“May be he is gonna propose you!!”

I had to applaud for her positive thinking! The guy who was in my adjacent class, who has no idea i existed, whose friends and my friends never intersected if i ever to draw a Venn diagram of my life cycle and him.. Him;ย  Adithya, set to propose the nervous,clumsy Me? Ya right!


“You sure you are gonna go home okay?” Nidhi asked again. She never saw me walking home! Hell, even i didn’t see myself Walking home!!
I was spoiled using bus commute that took me right infront of my house from my college in just 10 mins.

But today the walk from the other side of main road seemed more interesting. I used to walk this way during my early days back in 1st year before buses started their service from college to city. The little hill and alternative version for jungle excited me for reasons i couldn’t fathom. I could destroy the love letter i was still holding onto on the way..

Or i could just put it under the tree like hiding a treasure?

And thats what i did before bumping into.. Wait? What was it? Bear? Animal? Ape?

My wierd thoughts halted and my huge brain decided to hibernate. He was infront of me. All of Adithya, in 6 built tall frame.. He was Amused by what i have no idea. Wait.. Those eyes.. When was i this close to him? How about never?

His raised eye brows continued to make me jelly on my knees and my brain hadn’t started processing anything yet. So i waited for this exotic, drool-worthy dream to end.

But it didn’t. I could hear words form.. From those lips i adored shamelessly for past 4 years.

“Um.. I think you dropped this.. ” he said showing me a piece of paper.

Wait.. Is that love letter? Hell it is! Wait.. That’s not mine.

Didn’t i tell you my brain hibernated while ago?

“That’s not mine. Mine, I hid it under the tree ” i said pointing at the direction where i had dug small hole before hiding my love letter.ย  He seemed confused and amused and hesitant.

I dug back the whole. I might as well dig a grave for me to disappear forever. Brain where are you,? You weren’t supposed to say that! You weren’t supposed to dig back what you have hidden!! Damn you!

While he read my beautifully etched stupid words, realization stuck me.

I wasn’t holding just a love letter that had my name. It was addressed to me. By him!!

Oh my god.

“Can we stop playing hide and seek already? Its 4 years now. I don’t want to spend rest 40 years catching you when i have already found you.



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