Tiny Tale #4: Woman

Her job didn’t leave her free, it always took all of her time. Crawling back tired and drained, she sat by the window and stared at the kids downstairs. They were jumping, smiling, laughing and running.
Childhood was always fun for boys, she thought. Why not true? Parents gave them extra time, forgave them for silly mistakes, cuddled them when they won something. Boys were parents pride.
Just as she left a relaxed breathe alarm stuck again. Ticking clock never stopped when it came to break.
She worked quickly, efficiently and made the best use of the resources.
Happy by the result she took a short break, resting her head on the table.
Time moved rather quickly. Before she knew it, she was late again.

” Array Shanthi! You are late again!” her friend pointed out as the chants of lord almighty roared high.

” I slept for a bit..” Shanthi apologized.

Sitting beside her friend was a new edition to their group. The ambience of temple seemed peaceful to the newbie of the group.

“Jaya, we have a new comer i see..” Shanthi pointed at the 50 something lady who looked peaceful on the outside, but shanthi new better.

“Ya. This is Vani, that new couple in my neighbourhood? She is the mother of that husband!” jaya informed.

Vani smiled at Shanthi.

“Am Shanthi, thats Meena, saraswati, kanchi.. And rest i will introduce you after the bajan ok?” shanthi said politely holding Vani’s hand. Vani was a widow, shanthi noted. Vani’s hands were were filled with small wounds and rashes. Probably from working all her life.

“Hi.. You are that engineer boy’s mother no?” Vani asked.

“Boy? He as two sons!” Shanthi joked.

“What do you do?” Vani asked. Shanthi looked younger than her actual age and she beamed with peace and smiled alot.

“I work in my house. A housewife. Maid for my son and daughter-in-law, nanny for the grand kids and friends with these”

May be the way she said it, or was it the truth? Vani smiled. It was the same story. Every house. Every generation.

Shanthi started chanting the bajan with others. Thats when vani saw it.

Most of the women there didn’t come to praise the lord or ask blessings. They just wanted sometime for themselves that didn’t remind of the work they did. A work as you see it, isn’t one;

Its life of a woman.

Happy women’s day everyone.


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