Tiny tale #5

Storm continued its groans, but the night was still young. As she lay in dark she wondered if every night would be the same..

” What if he never comes back? What if he dies?” her best friend had once asked her. She wondered if she could answer that question tonight.

When she fell in love with him she knew he wasn’t who he claimed to be. She knew she was playing with fire only to burn herself. But there was nothing she could do to stop herself.

“He is spy!!! He was using you!!” her cop friend had reprimanded her when he left never to return. But how could she tell that to her heart? He never said a goodbye! That means he would come back right?

Sighing she nuzzled closer to him. His scars looked fresh. She wondered how painful would it be?

“Will you stay?” she found herself asking him. She wasn’t supposed to ask! He wasn’t supposed to come back! He will go.. Like before..

He didnt seem like he would answer. Thinking this may be the last night to hold him in her arms, she shut her eyes close breathing his scent.


He replied before she fell asleep.


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