The third wheel- Part 1

Never had i been so happier. Wait, may be i was few months ago. But today is different. After what seemed years i am glad, us friends decided that we needed to go on a trip. And thus, plans rolled, mini bus found itself on our door steps, bags managed to get adjusted in the congested space on the trunk, best comfortable dresses were selected. And then hands were held.

I blushed as i walked closer to the love of my life. There were all chatters around us. He was laughing, cracking jokes and i felt warmth bless my heart as i took part happily on the conversation.

They all say, some things never change! My friends have always found me funnier even if i was just being innocent. I didn’t mind. The sound of his laugh was music to my ears.

When it was time to finally climb the bus, all jumped in like we would be left back incase we didn’t make it inside in next second.

I, Priya, have always been a smiling person. All i wanted to do was smile loads and have fun unlimitedly. But my little heart was in for lot of things today, which even i wasn’t aware of.

It started like a little nothing. His hand let go of mine as he climbed inside. Chucking at the frown my face was all set to give, i climbed last.

I felt my heart shatter as Diya, my best friend since school sat beside Kunal. My kunal.

He looked at me with a smile while she giggled. The empty seat next to Raghav, the photographer of the group seemed better choice than the one on the other side adjacent to Diya.

Swollowing a whole bunch of gulp i sat beside Raghav. He gave his everything to engage me in the conversation. But it wasn’t just happening. The seat next to his old crush Anjali seemed to catch his attention. Before i knew it, he was beside her. I stared at the distance between me and kunal. It felt huge.

It has always been huge. He was always that star high up the sky which you could see and never touch. Diya’s animated conversation, her bouncy hair and her english with accent kept him so occupied that not even once he glanced around to find where i was.

I snuggled closer to the window as tears streamed down my cheeks.

I could hear my mental screams and warnings to hide my tears. Slowly, i let the hot tears dry.

I was always the third wheel.



Part 2 : Click here


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