The Third Wheel – Part 2

I know my life looks sympathetic to you. I know I sound so low on self-esteem that you want to get out of your seat and put me in on some training to gain that super-talented thing called self-confidence.
But it isn’t me. Am the kind of person who forgets the pain after few second and laughs like the world is a paradise. But the days like these makes me question a lot of things! A hell of lot of things.


I looked the huge bowls of food scattered over at the table. It ranged from Chicken Biryani to Tandoori, Chicken Fries to Chicken burgers. No matter how much I glared and scrutinized I just couldn’t find a strand of food that’s called as “Veg”.


“Guys? Um, Am Vegetarian on Thursdays. I pointed out”


I heard groans and advises in return. I looked hopefully at Kunal. May be he had something that I could eat?


“Am so sorry. I forgot” He said placing a pastry on the table. I couldn’t even eat that because it wasn’t eggless.


At that point I wondered, why am I veggie on Thursday? Oh, For Kunal! Because he was sick recently and he looked like he could catch a fever wherever he went. Yes, superstitious. But, Everything is fair in love yaar!


The whole group of 20 members jumped in on the food. They were all starving and so was kunal. Even though he and Diya looked apologetic I couldn’t do anything much about it. people always tend to forget I exist.


“You guys eat, let me see if I can find something!” I said before going towards the direction where Kunal and others had brought that enormous amount of food.


Glancing back at my life, its not very much different. Kunal and Diya had similar tastes. I was always the odd one out.


I kept counting the times when my friends forgot about my existence. I wondered of those times when I ended up as the joker of the gang. Not because I crack jokes. Definitely not. My jokes are lousy and old. But its my innocence, my way of misspelling words or wrong guessing that makes me a clown.


Its never was kunal’s fault. I love him unconditionaly but, how can I expect the same from him?


Just because I never told anyone that it hurts when I become the center of the jokes, I couldn’t tell him either.


I want him all for myself. I want him exclusively for me. I want him, all of him.





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