The Third Wheel – Part 3

Like always it suddenly felt empty. The air around me felt heavier. Diya continued to blabber how the US client was so interested in her project or something. I lost the track the moment she sounded like screaming hyena with that animated voice and even more worse, the accent which everyone gets so hyper about. We are friends since school, tell me again why she continues on and on with that stupid accent and not her normal voice as it is?

A guy’s mind is never complicated. It just either tries to understand whats going on in the surroundings or sets of thinking what the future has in its store.

We friends were catching up after a long time. There were so many stories. How does a girl manage to remember all the twist and turns of the story? Oh wait, a girl can even manage to remember the dates of all incidents these stories contain. Give me a break. Not my cup of tea dude!

Feeling of being alone, like I was lost in the huge crowd, kept crawling over me. I used to feel this a lot during college days. But past few months, it’s like the empty space is filled with warmth and comfort. Where is it? I mean, that warmth..

That’s when it hit me. She wasn’t here.

It was more than an hour since she left in search of food. I looked at our friends who were hogging on as if they were starving since ages. Shaking my head, I raised my voice to catch their attention.


“Do you guys have any idea where Priya is?”


I looked around like a lost puppy. It wasn’t just an hour. She was gone for 2 and half hours. Everyone were so engrossed in each other’s stories that, no one noticed that one girl who listens to everyone was missing. She always listened. Whether it was the case of my lost socks or my fight with my father! She even remembered and helped me remembered.


I realized, of all those things she had shared with me, I couldn’t even remember a simple things. She had started eating veg on Thursdays! Why? Some kind of request for some lord she mentioned. Why? Um.. may be she never told me the real reason yet. Right?


The so called friends started blabbering on how irresponsible she is for not taking her phone! Her phone! Damn! Didn’t she tell that her battery was dying and wanted a charger before I went to get meal?


“Guys! Couldn’t anyone have just accompanied her while she went to get food??”


I was so frustrated that I could chop of all their heads this moment. Raghav was the only one who had different expression. He looked at me like I was the biggest idiot in the world.


“Dude she is your wife. Shouldn’t you hold that responsibility?”


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