Bengaluru Diaries #00

The city is so huge, i can get lost any moment. But what holds me around is my desires. There are lots of them!

From being a foodie who can hog like a hobo to being a freak who likes to watch puppies play on the street, my wishlist only gets better.

I have known for a long time that am a wasted engineer. Being fresher and unemployed doesn’t shock me anymore. Neither would i cry why haven’t i been placed at! All i want to do is love my life.

Bengaluru is lot of things. It can make you cry for being alone, it can make you pull your hair with frustration seeing the never ending traffic, it can make you fear just by seeing a stranger walk past you, it can make you bored like you are lost in desert and have no where to go. It can also make you want to runaway back home.

But bengaluru can also make your dreams come true. Little dedication, big dreams and an attitude that can make any serious conversation like an interview turn into an humorous one.. Would take you wherever you want to go..

This is my new series, Bengaluru diaries. Stay tuned to read my stories, my struggle, my passion, my desire and a wishlist am set to tick off!!

-Nams!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Bengaluru Diaries #00

  1. This one is just a reflection of me too!! I’m an unemployed EC’ian in Bengaluru as well,and this period has taught me to live life to fullest,if at all i get placed somewhere i might not get this freedom to enjoy my life as much as i am doing now, so utilizing it really well 🙂 Bengaluru is the bestest!

    Going through other posts, Just wanted to drop a thought, AWESOME BLOG!


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    1. Hi Sarah. Thank you so much for such lovely comment. Defenitly Bengaluru has its own perks. Living here is no different than living in Mangalore (native). I have worked as an HR briefly before I quit in August. So all in all, Bengaluru will make my dreams come true. And trust me I can relate to you! It’s been 1.5 years since engineering and my life is no different from the day I graduated.
      Anyway cheers to you. Will b checking your blog as well! 🙂

      Nams 🙂

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  2. Yes you are right bangalore is also a place for person with dreams and dedicated efforts to fulfill it.
    Bangalore also welcome people from all the cities ,state and countries but unfortunate to see that people come here , earn here eat here and finally blame this place for n number of reason .
    now i want to ask those people ?? if they were so happy with their own hometown why come here , live here and finally blame ??

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