My life in a nutshell

I don’t want to sound negative/insecure/inferior. I don’t have it in me anymore. But there are time when little things others do for you is what matters when you aren’t the person who waits for big memories.

And those times, i realize what my life signifies for those who make the most part of my life.

I found this little picture making rounds in Facebook. Couldn’t help but realize How true it is. As if someone made a surveillance on me before posting it.

Yes i am indeed that friend who doesn’t have a best friend in my group of best friends. The irony of this statement continued to overwhelm me as i am posting this

I don’t want to sound as someone who fishes for sympathy. But as shameless as it sounds, i want to ask god, how long is he planning on making me the unlucky forever?

Coz i am tired. I am smiling, laughing, forgetting this little pains ever happened. But i wonder why does it keep repeating.

I don’t want a miracle.
Just give me shoulder to lean when am tired, not window of the bus am travelling.
Just give me a heart i can hug, not the pillow that always cuddles me.
Just give me someone’s smile,
Not that mocking laugh because i am joker of the group.
Just give me an ear which listens and cares my stories, not my earphones which helps forget half of the time no one listens to what i say.
Just give me that life, where my friends stay the same even though new faces make them smile more than my jokes..

Just give me already!!



11 thoughts on “My life in a nutshell

      1. Same here. Its only at these times wen u strongly expect something or need something, it hurts. Other times ones own company is the best compamy.


  1. Life is never simple, easy or free of thorns. It was never meant to be. For without the times that try our souls we would take life for granted. We would never truly appreciate the days that are good, the small things like the hope of a small flower turning its face to the morning sun. Seeing it bloom in its potential of beauty..sometimes seen but many times not. But not being seen does not negate the beauty it shares.

    May this find a little sun has entered your world and that it brings you warmth.

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    1. Thats so beautiful the way you put it. When i posted this i was sad. Today am not. Tmrw may be i will b sad again. But i am tat girl who forgets a lot and forgives anyone and everyone! So thank you so much for kind ful words! Yes it did bring on warmth on this dull day ❀

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  2. I don’t want normal. Its too boring. And my mood is like an express train. I can be full of life and sad like i have no reason to live in matter of seconds πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    1. I don’t have a “he” in my life. Waiting for that “he” seems really unnecessary waste of time. Coz whoever may com or go.. The thing with me.. I dont change. So i can’t expect others to change πŸ˜€

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