The Third Wheel – Part 4

Marrying priya wasn’t an impulse or an arranged marriage if you are wondering. It was always my plan. She was that silent angel you wish you had! Trust me.


My notes would miraculously be completed whenever I missed a class. My favorite chocolate milk shake would always be there in the canteen even if it was out of stock for the rest ( Canteen Bhaiya had agreed for this favour in return of toffees her Uncle brought every time he came to India ). From Test updates to saving my favorite seat, she was always there.


I don’t really remember when exactly I fell for her. was it the time she said I was her first kiss? Was it at that time she did a happy dance when I decided to take her on a date? Or was it the time when she looked beautiful on our wedding day?


I still don’t remember. For the girl who has loved me unconditionally, I don’t remember doing anything much. She would get happy with little things. And that’s what I always adored about her. It wasn’t until Raghav told me what women love, it wasn’t until Diya told me what kind of grand proposal she wanted from her future husband, I realized, how small had Priya’s world turned into.


I decided a list of things I had to do for her. Second honeymoon topped the list. Its been just few months to our marriage, I cant believe how much she has started to mean to me. It actually took me so many days to realize it wasn’t just love? It much more than that! Much much more.


All my plans went down the drain when I couldn’t find her. she never made it to the restaurant. She wasn’t anywhere I looked into. The fear of losing her, the fear of all the wrong things that might have happened to her made me impossible to focus.


That’s when the little thing ran towards my feet. A little black puppy. And then she came!


“Uff! Found you!!!!” She squealed holding the puppy.


I looked at her spellbound as she let the puppy inside the small garage where the mother dog was sleeping. Shutting the door close she turned towards me.


“KUNAL? What are you doing here? Wait.. did you eat? Shit! Its 4pm? Did you take your tablets? I am so sorry I forgot to give you..I..”


I didn’t let her finish. I hugged her so tightly, so safely and so securely that I would never let anything take her away from me.





The seat next to him was empty. I blushed as he asked me to sit beside him. Diya walked past me holding the camera showing everyone the pictures. Before I could make it, she sat beside him showing him how great the pictures where.


“Diya. That’s my seat, could you move?” I said as rightfully as I could. She smiled and got up.

If I know anything of my friends, its that, I will have to remind her everytime that its my seat. But am ready to do that.


You know why?


Because I know, that’s what kunal wants!




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