Arranged Marriage? – A Short Story

It was a big day for her. The nervousness and the jitters continued to pounce on her as her cousins did her makeup. She couldn’t even think what was in store for her. Saying Yes to marriage proposal was the least of her plans, but then, life never goes by our plans, does it?


“Aishu? Ready?” her mother rushed to the room. She was a simple woman who always shied away from being centre of attraction. Aishwarya hadn’t really inherited all those qualities. She was more of go getter and also the once who could shine bright even if she didn’t want to. People always noticed her. Was it her long wavy hair? Was it her huge specs? Was it her louder than normal giggles? She never knew!


Nodding a yes to her mother, Aishwarya walked out of the room along with her sister and cousins.


There were pleasantries, awkward glances and some praises. As nervous as she was, she had to swallow the chuckle whenever her parents mentioned what an obedient and perfect daughter she had been. They were giving out the list of things their daughter could do which even she wasn’t aware of.


Next was questionnaire time. Aishwarya felt she was being interviewed for the role of wife, daughter-in-law and a maid all at once. She tried her best to keep her head low as she was instructed by her parents and answer in a meeky voice.



When cold drinks and hot pakoda’s was served Aishwarya let a soft sigh. She didn’t know how long she had been looking down or making sure she came across as the shy person. Which she was definitely not.


The only time she glanced at Amit, her prospective groom was when she walked into the room. His eyes looked up like he was a watching a beautiful star. Aishwarya wanted to smile then, but couldn’t. It wasn’t just his eyes on her. There were more than 10 pairs of eyes scrutinizing her every move.


“Don’t you think they should talk a bit in private?” Madan, Amit’s elder brother by 8 years suggested. His wife too agreed with him.


While his parents and Aishwarya’s parents were little sceptical, they gave eventually.




“Behave properly. Don’t argue or say something rash. Answer to whatever he asks. Got it?” her mother continued to advice throughout the walk from the lobby to the terrace.


“Okay then, why don’t leave them alone Aunty?” Madan asked Asihwarya’s mother after he dropped Amit. She nodded and sent a warning look towards her daughter before disappearing downstairs.


From the terrace they could see what was happening downstairs. By the look of it and the way the discussion was going on, it was a yes from both sides.


Aishwarya and Amit sat and watched as the parents set up the table in the garden. They didn’t wait to hear what their kids had to say. To them, the alliance was perfect; a match made in heaven.


Aishwarya wondered, would this all have been different if her parents hadn’t found that she was in love with someone?

She continued to sit in silence pondering over whatever had happened. Amit was nervous too. He couldn’t find the right words for the moment.


“Forget him! You are marrying someone of my choice! I shouldn’t have sent you away from your internship. Now sit at home and wait until we bring a perfect groom for you. Got it?” was her mother’s words few weeks back.


Amit’s phone beeped with a message from Madan.


He finally cast a look at Aishwarya who was staring at him to know what the message was about.


*Engagement in two hours* He read.


He half expected her to cry going by the look on her face. Instead she jumped, screamed, twirled around and finally hugged him with all her might.


“Oh My God! YES YES YES! Thank You God!!!” she had no control over what she was saying. He didn’t care either. She was in her arms and that’s all it mattered.


They had waited for a long time for this to happen. And when it did, they didn’t know how exactly to express their happiness.


“Guys! Control, if they find out, you know whats going to happen right?” Madan said walking over to them.


“Thank you so much Bhaiya!! Its all because of you! Otherwise, I don’t know how I would live without him!” Aishwarya had tears in her eyes.


“As if, I would have let you go so easily!!” Amit took her in his embrace.


Few weeks ago, when her parents found her text messages, she thought it was over. It was Madan who took over and promised to set it right. The blessing in disguise was that her parents never had bothered to find who the guy was, what he did, where he lived. All they knew was that she met him during her internship program.


Madan made sure both the family received the respective proposal with the help of a Marriage broker. Even though Aishwarya was sceptical, it worked nevertheless!!


No one hurt, all happy. Miracles do happen sometimes she thought with a smile.


“To make sure everything is well and good in future too, we should never let them know this little secret.” Amit said.


“I love you” She said.

To him it was music to his ears. He hadn’t heard it in a long time. Their wait had finally paid of.


Even if she felt she was cheating her parents, she knew it was for everyone’s good. May be someday, when all these didn’t matter, she would tell them. May be they would understand, its actually a match made in heaven.


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