Proposal : Short Story

Just Realized this is the 100th post in my blog! YAYY!!!


“Why am I here Sahil? Am so tired ya!!” Natasha dragged her feet on the sand and finally made it to where Sahil was sitting, drinking his favourite beer and watching as the waves hit the shore.


“Finally! You never come on time do you?” He said without even looking at her.

Night was dark and so was the beach. The only source of light was from the half moon that was shining in the sky. Giving him a look she grabbed a beer from behind him and sipped the half of its content on one go.


“Sahil get to the point. Why did you call me?”


“See, I don’t think any of my other friends would be free on Valentines day.” He winked at her.


If he wasn’t her neighbour, if her mother didn’t adore him, if she wasn’t so tired, she might have well punched his face and took all of those 32 teeth at one shot.


“Ya ya whatever man! I was free alright. What about you? I thought you had lots of plans!


Natasha had spent the day watching FRIENDS back to back and cuddling her lovely cat on her bed. It was one lazy day. She was happy. But she wasn’t. She didn’t want to know why.


He looked at her, his eyes catching hers, so close like he was studying her face. He was so familiar. That one face etched on her mind like a permanent figure since childhood.


“Bad luck!” He said after having stared at her to his content.


Rolling her eyes she asked, “What happened? Did she say NO?” Natasha asked him. She was curious to know whether he proposed his GF or not, on the same hand she didn’t want to think about it. Except for his descriptions and never ending praises of meeting this Miss.Right, Natasha knew nothing about her. She didn’t want to. Why would she? Right?


Sahil made a face and turned to her. “No yaar. My plans, they all failed! Backfired! God cheated me!!”


His pout was the cutest, no, his smile was cutest, Array na, his face when he works with full concentration is cutest! Ha! Natasha couldn’t decide it even after all these years.


“Hey! What happened?” She asked concerned.


“See, at first I thought, I will call her at midnight. But then I thought I should give her a surprise.”


“That’s great. Then?”


“Hmm. So, I bought 100 Red roses, hired a guitarist and planned to surprise her in the park.”


“Wow. So did you surprise her?


“NO! Wrong girl came at right time! And the guitarist went on full mode without even knowing who he is playing to.!!!!!”


Natasha tried hard, but failed. She ended up laughing so loud that she fell on the sand holding her stomach.


“Ha ha! Laugh. Such a joke my life is! Isn’t it?”


Shaking her head, “That’s all, didn’t you plan anything else?”


“HeHe, I wouldn’t leave it at that. I planned for a surprise lunch! Perfect five star hotel, reserved table for two, amazing music, big heart-shaped cake that had a special message!!”


She could feel her heart tug thinking about how lucky the girl was.


“She might have enjoyed it na.”


“That’s the problem! Some VIP organized a last moment event and few reservations were cancelled including mine.”


The way his lips curved downwards or was it his eyes that became so small, she didn’t know. All she wanted to do was kiss the life out of him.


Suddenly embarrassed by the direction of her thoughts, she got up. May be a little stroll would tone down the alcohol in her system!


He caught up and walked beside her.


“Then what did you do?” she asked after a while. The silence was tempting her nerves. She didn’t trust herself anymore.


“I decided I will go to her house and surprise her with a proposal infront of her parents!”


She stopped holding her breath. “I couldn’t.”




“Her parents suggested I was being ordinary. I should do something big.”


She turned to face him rolling her eyes. “You did so much! Every girl’s dream!! What more could you have done!”


“Really? Infront of her all this is nothing! I can do anything for her!”


A huge pang of jealousy rose inside her. suddenly she wanted to know everything about the so called girl who stole his heart.


“Sahil! Who is this girl you are so crazy about?”


Her voice dipped with frustration. He laughed. “I remember you telling me, you didn’t want to know about her? you didn’t care? you didn’t bother? What happened today that changed?”


Shaking her head she walked ahead. He caught up again.


“Anyway, so I decided, I will indeed do something very grand.”


“I am sure she might have said YES. What I don’t understand is, why are you wasting your time with me, when you could spend your time with her?”


He laughed.


“Am doing a favour for you ya. Look at you, no Boyfriend, no date. So single and not ready to mingle on Valentines day!!”


“hm.. er.. nothing like that haan.. I did get few proposals today!!”


“Really?? Who proposed you?”




Natasha recalled a dozen of red roses infront of her house. “Red roses! I received a dozen of red roses today you know..”


“Wow.. by whom Nattu?”


“Ugh! Don’t call me Nattu!!!!!!”


“Okk.. you didn’t give me the name..”


“I don’t know haa. May be a secret admirer.. why do you care. You know what am going back home. And I will find who the hell that person is and will marry him! HUH!”


Stomping her feet she turned to leave.


“If you just turn around you might actually find him!” Sahil called.


Natasha stopped and turned around.


He walked towards her. “Didn’t I tell you I will do something grand?”


With on click on his phone, the fireworks were lighted. Little boats out of nowhere came ahead forming a circle, they were shining under the moonlight and from each of the boats a balloon was lit up. Each balloon had words engraved on them that read.




There are times at life when you forget how to speak what to speak. It was one of those times for Natasha. Her breath hitched and she felt her mind go blank.


He slowly stood behind her. “There is this girl, who I met when I was 4. Always annoyed by me, I didn’t know if I could get her attention. And when she did, I never wanted to let her go. She would get jealous every time another girl would talk time. I wondered why. I realized much later, that I was fallen for her. I am crazy about her. Is she too? And then I thought, I should find out! Do you know what I found out? She was an idiot! Who had no idea that she was in love with me too. And that girl, is.. You”


Biting her lips, she laughed and hugged him. She couldn’t have been happier. It was the best day, and best feelings ever.


Going down on his knees, he asked. “Marry me and let me annoy you for the rest of your life?”


Laughing she bent down to his level. Kissed his nose and said “I will marry you if you continue to give me surprises like this!”





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